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Above - 1920s era photo of Buck
Jones courtesy of Betty Richards.

 Below are links to hundreds of websites on cowboy films, cliffhangers, movie databases, movie locations, radio programs, lobby cards, posters, comic books, Big Little Books, The Lone Ranger, old TV shows, the reel west, the real west, and more.

If you wish to search for a particular person or topic, simply use your web browser's FIND function and that will allow you to search down this page for keywords or names.  In the upper left of your screen, you should see the word 'EDIT'.  Click on that, and in the drop down menu, click on 'FIND' to do your search.  In web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and others, you can also hit the Ctrl-F key combination to open the FIND box.

I'm sure you know this, but it's worth repeating: the Old Corral has no control over the content of these websites.  I have visited all of these on one or more occasions, but it is impossible to constantly check and re-check.  While most are fansites, a few are businesses (meaning they want to sell you something). The sites listed below may also utilize browser 'cookies', require registration, etc.

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2018-2022 Additions.

  Remember actress and dancer June Preisser? She did some films at MGM, but is best known as one of the stars of Monogram's "Teen Agers" series in the late 1940s. Here's June doing her dancing and acrobatic craziness in a clip from the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney BABES IN ARMS (1939):

  Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and More; Karoly Grosz's Classic Posters for Universal 1930's Monster Movies:

  Rondo Hatton, Universal's "The Creeper":

  How King Kong Was Sold to International Audiences in 1933:

  Director William Witney's son John (Jay Dee) Witney has a website on his father and mother, Maxine Doyle:
Jay Dee also has many videos online of his dad talking about Nat Levine and Mascot, stuntwork, Yakima Canutt, Dave Sharpe, work at Republic Pictures, the making of the Captain Marvel serial, directing Roy Rogers westerns, more:

  How silent films did special effects without computers:

  MGM's iconic movie lion replaced by a computer-generated logo:

  The Internet Archive has copies of 1960s magazines published by James Warren. Included are Screen Thrills Illustrated, Wildest Westerns, Famous Monsters of Filmland, a few others. You can view online or download:
     Wildest Westerns:
     Screen Thrills Illustrated:
     Famous Monsters of Filmland:
     More James Warren publications (Vampirella, Creepy, Spacemen):

  Television's New Frontier: The 1960s blog has lots on westerns and other TV shows ... and on the right side of the homepage, there's a clickable listing of actors and actresses that appeared in shows, many with images:

  The Internet Archive has many TV commercials:

  Movie historian Rob Word has dozens of interviews of western movie and TV performers, production people, stunt folks, etc. And many of these events were held at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles:

  5 minute video on "How Monument Valley became a symbol of the West":

  The Shorpy vintage photo blog has gazillions of old photos, including some of our western heroes, old theaters, etc. Here's some photos at Shorpy to get you started:

  45 minute documentary on Bela Lugosi with lots of great photos, film clips, commentary by his son, interviews, more:

  USC School of Cinematic Arts, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive has many of the Blackhawk film catalogs to view and download:

  The Internet Archive has the trailer for the first William Boyd / Hoppy adventure, HOP-ALONG CASSIDY (Paramount, 1935):

  There's always questions about the status of Roy Rogers' Trucolor westerns and why many full length (uncut) features aren't available ... or only 53 1/2 minute TV versions exist ... or only B&W versions are around. Bob Furmanek (and others) have talked about this for years at the Home Theater Forum:

  Neil Roughley analyzed release info, original copyright, copyright renewals, "ownership", and public domain status of westerns (and other films) created by Republic Pictures, Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC), and Monogram. A monumental undertaking. Links below for each company:

  Wheeler Winston Dixon is the Film Studies professor at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He has a series of videos on YouTube titled "Frame by Frame" with comments and perspective on various movie topics. This link is for his three minute video which summarizes why so many early films are lost:

  Thousands of 78 RPM recordings are being digitized at the Internet Archive:
This link is the 78 RPM collection of Western Swing, Western and Cowboy tunes:[]=subject%3A%22Cowboy%22&and[]=subject%3A%22Western%22&and[]=subject%3A%22Western%20Swing%22

  Mashable has an article with many large photos of Buster Crabbe titled "1936 - 1940, Flash Gordon, An Olympic swimmer conquers the universe":

  In addition to the late Jack Mathis' collection of Republic Pictures material, Brigham Young University is home to the extensive Republic Pictures Music Archives as well as various other Hollywood personality and movie archives:

  Carl Stalling, the composer behind Bugs Bunny and Merrie Melodies, scored more than 600 cartoons at the rate of one score per week between 1936 and 1958:

  Article and photos on Nudie Cohn who created wild and flashy costumes for Roy Rogers, Elvis, others:

  "When The West Was Fun - A Western Reunion" was a TV special that aired in 1979. Lots of familiar faces in this special:

  In 2015, the official Gene Autry Entertainment organization launched a YouTube channel with tunes, film clips, more:

  Tom Keene was the Honorary Mayor of Sherman Oaks, California in 1939. There were many other Honorary Mayors of other California towns and cities - Honorary Mayors included Andy Devine, Gene Autry, Richard Arlen, Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Gary Cooper, Rex Allen, Gale Storm, Marsha Hunt, more:

  Not a movie or B western website, the Collectors Weekly has some interesting articles on our past and the good ol' days:

  Article and several large photos about MGM's Lion:

  Website on superb radio and TV announcer Fred Foy (The Lone Ranger, more) from his daughter Wendy Foy:

  World War II Command Performance shows with Bob Hope:

  Warner Bros. Movie Blooper Reels, AKA "Breakdowns":

  From 1943-1945, the U. S. Army (and Warner Bros.) produced a series of propaganda cartoons featuring Private Snafu:

  Circa 1990 video of Roy Rogers showing how he shapes and blocks his hat (video about 11 minutes long):

  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans talk about their life and movies from Happy Trails Theaters (video about 23 minutes long):

  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans museum circa 1999 (video about 10 minutes long):

  Hopalong Cassidy Museum in Cambridge, Ohio (video about 4 minutes long):

  1940 photo of Dick Jones recording his lines for PINOCCHIO (Disney/RKO, 1940):

  The Evolution Of Captain America In Film And TV (video about 10 minutes long):

  Entertainers Lulu Belle and Scotty took a bunch of home movies and their collection is archived at the Moving Image Research Collections Digital Video Repository at the University of South Carolina. Here's a six minute movie filmed circa 1938 showing Roy Rogers, Republic Pictures, Universal Pictures, cowboy hero Bob Baker, and lots of trains and scenery:

  Clayton Moore was born September 14, 1914. September, 2014 was the centennial of his birth and there were events, website articles, videos, etc. celebrating that milestone ... and the man. Here's a few links:
     Mike Radich interviews Clayton's daughter Dawn Moore (about one hour long and audio only):

  Old Hollywood in Color website:

  Library of Congress' National Audio-Visual Conservation Center - preserving 120 years of U.S. cultural history:

  The Library of Congress has a prints and photographs section where you can search. This link will take you to their photo collection on Tom Mix:

  How Sony's Betamax lost to JVC's VHS video cassette recorder (video about 4 minute long):

  Producer Hal Roach speaking at UCLA on November 30, 1970. Video from the archives of the UCLA Department of Communication Studies (video about 42 minutes long):

  MeTV has a website with bunches of articles on old TV shows and performers, and it includes death notices on TV performers:

  The Buck Jones Rangers song sung by Frank Luther:

  1970 - Keep America Beautiful television ads with Iron Eyes Cody shedding a tear (one minute long videos):
     Iron Eyes in a canoe:
     Iron Eyes on horseback:

  Inside the nuclear bunker in Virginia where America preserves its movie history:


  How Criterion Collection brings movies back from the dead:
     Video (about 6 1/2 minutes long):

  4 minute video about Technicolor and the three strip Technicolor camera:

  Back in the old days, there were various Hollywood shorts / featurettes that were part of the movie goin' experience. YouTube has a bunch of these available in various quality:
     Hollywood on Parade:
     Star Reporter in Hollywood:
     Voice of Hollywood:
     Screen Snapshots:


 Boyd Magers' Western Clippings website:

  John McElwee's Greenbriar Picture Shows website has a bunch of photos and text (and is updated often) about old Hollywood. Not much western stuff, but lots of great material at:

 The Serial Squadron website is at:
There are forums on various genres including serials, westerns, more. Their original message board is still operating but has little traffic:
Looks like most / all of their chat and messaging functions have moved to Facebook (which is busy and active):

 Daniel Neyer's "The Files of Jerry Blake" website is all about serials and the people who worked in them:

 You can learn more about the cliffhangers of the silent and sound eras, including a complete listing of silent/sound chapterplays, at Maverick's Serial site:

 Web issue 4 of Images, A Journal of Film and Popular Culture has a nice article on cliffhangers at:

 Judy Harris has the cast and plot synopsis on Universal's three FLASH GORDON serials with Buster Crabbe:

  Hans Wollstein has a "Meanwhile ... Back At The Ranch" blog about westerns and serials ... and there's lots of info and photos of leading ladies:

  Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.'s Thrilling Days of Yesteryear has classic movies, television, DVD releases, and old time radio. Plus there's commentary and critiques on films, etc.:

  Clifford Weimer (alias "Laughing Gravy") and his In the Balcony website concentrates on old films and series, DVD releases, and there's even a very busy message board with comments and questions about serials, westerns, and more.
     Website is at:
     Message board is at:

 The Nitrateville website includes silents and talkies (busy and active message board):

 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) had a busy forum devoted to various genres including westerns. Sadly, it was shut down in late 2022:

 The Silver Screen Oasis message board on various genres including westerns (busy and active message board):

  The Classic Horror Film board caters to monsters, horror and sci-fi, but does have a section on weird and wacky westerns (busy and active message board):

 "Matinee At The Bijou" ran on PBS TV in the 1980s and featured ol' westerns, serial episodes, more. There were plans to bring the series back on TV with Debbie Reynolds as the host. Their website hasn't been updated since January, 2017:

 Westerns Message board on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) was a busy and active message board, but is no longer in operation:

 Todd Moore has a message board that caters to serial and western fans and more (very little activity on this message board):

 The Nostalgia League had a website with a chat and message board - but was no longer working when checked during February, 2015:
Appears they moved the message board, but there's very little activity:

 Google Groups - alt.movies.serials (appears to be deserted/no longer in use):

 Serials and Westerns message board (appears to be deserted/no longer in use):


  Google has many issues of LIFE magazine, some of which have articles on Roy, Gene and Hoppy:
     Roy Rogers:,bkt:m,bkms:1168684103302644245&tbo=p&q=%22roy+rogers%22
     Gene Autry:,bkt:m,bkms:1168684103302644245&tbo=p&q=%22gene+autry%22
     Hopalong Cassidy:,bkt:m,bkms:1168684103302644245&tbo=p&q=%22hopalong+cassidy%22

  Linda Kay has a website on Frankie Darro:

 Drina Mohacsi's Young Hollywood Hall of Fame website has info on various 'kid' stars:

  Tim Kirk has a blog entitled "Charles Starrett - One Fan's Journey" and he's working on reviews for all of Starrett's films. Included are many stills and lobby cards:

  The Online Archive of California (OAC) is an initiative of the California Digital Library, and they have a few photos of our B-western heroes:

 Jerry Murbach's Doctor Macro website has many large, high quality photo scans of actresses and actors from the silent era as well as sound films:

 Dave Smith's 'When Movies Were Movies' site was about actresses and actors that were born in Indiana (such as Allan Lane, Max Terhune, Ken and Kermit Maynard, etc.). But the site was not working as of June, 2021:
The Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" has saved versions of this website:*/

 Steve Jensen, who has a website on Clayton Moore (see Lone Ranger links below), also has a page on John Hart, who portrayed the masked man for one season, was TV's Hawkeye, and star of the Jack Armstrong cliffhanger. The John Hart webpage is at:

 Stephen Lodge passed away in 2017. But there are many articles on western TV and movie people that he wrote about. Go to:

 Hopalong Cassidy Enterprises / U. S. Television Office, Inc. is the owner and copyright holder of all things Hopalong Cassidy:

  The official Roy Rogers and Dale Evans website is at:

 The Happy Trails Children's Foundation helps children in need, and also sponsors the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Festival:

 The official Gene Autry website is at:

 The Autry National Center, formed in 2003 by the merger of the Autry Museum of Western Heritage with the Southwest Museum of the American Indian and the Women of the West Museum, is at:

 Willcox, Arizona is home of the Rex Allen Museum and annual 'Rex Allen Days' Festival:

 The Tex Ritter Museum is located at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, Carthage, Texas:

 Rob Williams has a website on Hopalong Cassidy:

 Robert Callaghan's website on Jock Mahoney (stuntman, onetime Tarzan and star of TV's RANGE RIDER and YANCY DERRINGER), as well as Guy Madison and Andy Devine in WILD BILL HICKOK, more is at:

 David Garrick has a site on Cliff 'Ukelele Ike' Edwards, saddle pal to Tim Holt at RKO:

 The Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures website is at:

 The Stunt Players Directory website had a memorial page on scores of stuntmen and women, birth and death dates, very brief filmographies, etc. When I checked in August, 2018, it appears the website is no longer working:

 John Hagner's Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall Of Fame website was no longer running and the domain name was for sale when I checked in January, 2021:

 There was a group of western film fans in California called the 'Trail Riders of the West'. But their website was no longer working as of early 2013:
An alternate website for the Trail Riders is also no longer online:


 Museum of Western Film History, Lone Pine, California:

 The Golden Boot awards ran from 1983 - 2007 and were sponsored by the the Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation. There's a section on the Old Corral with a listing of the honorees by year - link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.

 YouTube has many videos from the Golden Boot Awards program:

 The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage museum in Oklahoma City is at: and their Hall of Fame and Awards is at:

 Dewey, Oklahoma is the home of the Tom Mix Museum:

 The Autry National Center, formed in 2003 by the merger of the Autry Museum of Western Heritage with the Southwest Museum of the American Indian and the Women of the West Museum, is at:

 The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, Carthage, Texas, includes a Tex Ritter Museum:

  Want to see if your fav western hero is enshrined on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? Search the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce / Walk Of Fame website at:

  Newhall, California's Walk of Western Stars honorees:


  Check out Mark Largent's Lone Ranger website.  There you will find the various Lone Rangers of TV, radio, serials, et al.  I was pleased to provide the serial info and pictures:

 I've received some e-mails asking whether the two Lone Ranger serials are "lost" or available on videotape.  I've looked into this matter for the past twenty years or so, and have put together a webpage outlining some facts and some scuttlebutt about those two cliffhangers. Click HERE.

 There's a website on the Lone Ranger cartoon series of the mid 1960s and early 1980's: and

 Mary Spooner's Clayton Moore site is at:

 Steve Jensen's Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger, site is at:

 And Jensen has a page on John Hart at:

 And he also has a page on Chuck Courtney, who portrayed the LR's nephew, Dan Reid:

 Rick Bulger's Lone Ranger site was no longer working when I checked in October, 2023:
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has a saved version of the website at:

 The Clayton Moore - In Loving Memory website is at:

 The Lone Ranger's Creed, as written by Fran Striker in the 1930s, can be found at:

 Fran Striker, Jr. also provided some info on the definition and use of the term 'kemo sabe' which is used in the Lone Ranger TV and radio shows:

 And there's some more info on the term kemo sabe at The Straight Dope website:


 Jerry Murbach's Doctor Macro website has many large, high quality photo scans of actresses and actors from the silent era as well as sound films:

 The Cinemaweb Silent Film Sources website is no longer active. The website had an interesting group of articles on Tom Mix (excerpted from the 1957 memoirs by his wife Olive Stokes Mix) and those articles are on the Internet Archive:

 Silents are Golden is another website devoted to silent films, and their home page is at:

 Of interest to cowboy film fans is the 'Silents are Golden' webpage of 1920s era photos of Johnny Mack Brown, Gilbert Roland, Grant Withers, William 'Hoppy' Boyd, Kenneth Harlan, Gary Cooper, Richard Dix and more at:


 The Internet Archive has thousands of old radio shows which you can listen to or download:

 The Radio Hall of Fame is part of the Museum of Broadcast History (Chicago) website:

 Looking for info on an old radio program? Check the Radio GOLD Index:

 The World Radio History website has many magazines and periodicals on old time radio shows, schedules and performers:

 Fran Striker wrote zillions of scripts for the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and other programs.  A bunch of Striker's originals writings, scripts and notes were donated to the University of Buffalo (New York).  Included are notes related to his coordination work with Republic Pictures on the Lone Ranger serials. The following link will take you to the "Francis Hamilton Striker papers":

 The Lone Ranger's Creed, as written by Fran Striker in the 1930s, can be found at:

 Fran Striker, Jr. provided some info on the definition and use of the term 'kemo sabe' which is used in the Lone Ranger TV and radio shows:

 And there's some more info on the term kemo sabe at The Straight Dope website:

 Jerry Haendiges has an Old Time Radio (OTR) site which has a bunch of logs/listings of radio shows such as THE LONE RANGER and ROY ROGERS programs:


 You may want to check eBay movie memorabilia:
The internet has lots of websites on posters, lobby cards, Big Little books, Better Little books, Whitman books, lunch boxes, Tom Mix Ralston stuff, etc. Below are a few links to get you started:

 Just Kids Nostalgia in Huntington, Long Island, has a bunch of stuff available for sale ... along with their eBay auctions:

 The website had a detailed history of the various books, variations and manufacturers as well as info on pricing and condition. But the website is no longer online. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has a saved copy of the site:

  Stan Rojo has gotta have one of the largest collections of Gene Autry memorabilia:

 If you're interested in old posters and lobby cards - and auctions of same - go to Bruce Hershenson's Vintage Movie Posters site:


 Want to view a bunch of comic book covers in fairly large size? Go to GCD, the Grand Comic Book Database:

 The King Features website is at:

 The DC Comics website is at:

 There's a history of Charlton Comics at:

 Ken Pierce also has comic book reprints, and you can find info at:

 The Overstreet Comics Price Guides (and more) are published by Gemstone:

 The Comics Research site has links to comics related websites:


 The Western Costume Company supplied costumes and props to the movie and TV industry for decades:

  Charles Starrett was one of many Hollywood performers who were involved in the formation of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in the early 1930s:

 The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) website:

  The Library of Congress, American Memory archive concentrates on US history and culture. They do have a few Hollywood cowboy images. Use the search box in the upper right of this webpage:

  The Barrymore Film Center website has writeups on various production companies that did silent films in and around Fort Lee, New Jersey. This was the film making "hub" before the studios migrated to Hollywood:

  William K. Everson was a noted film historian and author and passed away in 1996. The William K. Everson Archive is housed at the George Amberg Memorial Study Center, Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, at New York University. Included in these archives are Everson's notes about films and people, as well as some images and some full/partial pressbooks:

  The UCLA Film and Television Archive Collections is home to over 200,000 films and TV programs and you can search to see if a film exists:

 The US Patent and Trademark Office has a trademark database where you can search and determine status on various trademarks, many of which are near and dear to our hearts.  Go to their site and do a search on 'Gene Autry', 'Captain Marvel', 'Red Ryder', 'Hopalong Cassidy', 'Lone Ranger', and other cowboy and serial names that might be of interest to you.  The database is at:, and when you get to this page, click on the "search" function in the upper right corner of the page.

 Buckey's Film History, Preservation, Conservation and Resources website is at:

 Want to check out the Academy Award winners and nominees over the years. You can search the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) database for the Oscars award at:

 In the old days, there were 'regional' film production companies in operation. The Handbook of Texas Online is a project of the Texas State Historical Association and the website has info on Texas-based companies:

 Martin Hart's American Widescreen Museum has explanations of the color processes used in movies.  Several were utilized in the B western - Republic Pictures had MagnaColor and TruColor, and PRC used Cinecolor. These two-strip processes were significantly cheaper than Technicolor, but there were problems. You can read more about Cinecolor at:

 Want to learn more about nitrate film, nitrate decomposition, and the dangers associated with it? Go to:

 Learn about the various sizes of movie film over the past hundred years:


The internet has lots of websites on specific movies, genres, and time periods. Below are a few links to get you started:

 Greg Hilbrich has a large website on the many shorts produced by Columbia Pictures:

 Filmsite has a detailed review and commentary on John Ford's STAGECOACH ... and many other films:


The following websites have sound files on old (and new) TV shows such as THE GABBY HAYES SHOW, THE RANGE RIDER, BUFFALO BILL JR., ADVENTURES OF RIN-TIN-TIN, and more:

 The Wave Themes website is at:

 The 'Whirligig' website in the UK has some downloadable themes of TV westerns: is a website with references to a lot of old TV show themes (there are no sound files to download or listen to).  But if you want to know about who created the theme for TVers like BOSTON BLACKIE, WILD BILL HICKOK, more, then take a trip to:


Many of 'Satellite/Cable/TV schedule' websites require you to do some work in order to deliver your particular schedule ... so you have to identify your zip code, the name of your cable or satellite dish company, etc.  Some require you to 'register' (most are free) in order to access some content.

 Schedule for AMC (American Movie Channel):
 Schedule for TBS:
 Schedule for Turner Classics (TCM):
 Schedule for TNT:


 Official Abbott & Costello website:

 The Bowery Boys and all their permutations (such as the East Side Kids, Dead End Kids, etc.):

 Dick Curtis, Lynton Brent, Theodore Lorch, Kenneth McDonald, Christyne McIntyre, and lots of other cowboy and serial film performers worked in Columbia shorts, and in particular, the 3 Stooges series.  You can do a search at the website at:

 Laurel & Hardy Central website is at:

 Kevin Burton Smith's The Thrilling Detective Website has a lot of info on the TV detective shows:

 Matt Winan's Bomba the Jungle Boy movie guide is at:

 Matt's Jungle Jim movie guide is at:

 Matt's Tarzan movie guide is at:

 The George Reeves Superman website is at:

 The Superman website has info on the movies, TV show, etc.:

 The Astounding B Monster site is at:

 The Charlie Chan site is at:


  Calin Coburn (Bob Nolan's grandson) and Elizabeth Drake McDonald had a fantastic website on Nolan with a filmography, biography ... and lots of great photos and images of posters and lobby cards. Sad to report that it is no longer running:
A replacement website is being (slowly) re-built at:

  Adrian DeBee had a website honoring the novelty singing group, The Hoosier Hotshots. But it was no longer working when checked in February, 2019:

  Roger Hall's Cowboy Songs Corral website has info and photos on several cowboy movie performers and various western tunes: But when I checked in early 2023, the western movie performers and songs has been deleted.

 Johnny Bond's daughter Sherry Bond had a website on her Dad. But as of early 2006, the site was no longer working (

  The Sons of the Pioneers singing group website is at:

  The Riders of the Purple Sage singing group website was no longer working when checked in December, 2017:

  The official Riders In The Sky website is at:

  Bobbie Melody has the 'Riders In The Sky Cyberpals' website:

  Many of the cowboy performers such as Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Max Terhune, Rex Allen, Eddie Dean and others worked at the National Barn Dance radio show which originated from WLS radio in Chicago (and much later over Chicago's WGN radio).  The Barn Dance began their broadcasts in 1924, one year before the Grand Ole Opry show started.  You can read a bit of history about the Barn Dance at:

  The Country Music Association (CMA) is at:

  The Country Music Hall of Fame winners include Tex Ritter, Bob Wills, Gene Autry, the Sons of the Pioneers, Johnny Bond, Roy Rogers, more:

  The Nashville Songwriters Foundation Hall Of Fame includes Jimmy Wakely, Gene Autry, Johnny Bond, Smiley Burnette, Ray Whitley, Tex Ritter, Bob Nolan, Bob Wills, more.  The link below will take you to their website and when you get there, click on 'Hall of Fame':

  Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame honorees:


 The US Government copyright office has a database which can be searched.  Be a bit cautious with this information as 'copyright ownership' is different than someone who has a license to utilize a character, name, etc. in a film, TV show, recording, et al.  Go to:

 The US Patent and Trademark Office has a trademark database where you can search and determine status on various trademarks, many of which are near and dear to our hearts.  Go to their site and do a search on 'Gene Autry', 'Captain Marvel', 'Red Ryder', 'Hopalong Cassidy', 'Lone Ranger', and other cowboy and serial names that might be of interest to you.  The database is at:, and when you get to this page, click on the "search" function in the upper right corner of the page.

 If you're interested in old records and record labels - or want to find out what happened to a record company - go to the Album Discographies website at:

  The Digital Scriptorium Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University has a searchable database named Ad*Access which contains 1920s - 1950s advertising:

 Find A Grave site lists the interment location for many celebrities, and the main page is at:

 Tim Thompson has a site on Drive-in Theaters:

 Want to visit some real ghost towns? Go to:

 The Wells Fargo website has info on their stagecoaches:

 Like to read about the 'real' west ... how about the legendary Lost Dutchman's Mine and Superstition Mountains? Go to:

 The HistoryNet website has a bunch of articles on the 'real' Wild West. Go to:

 The Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin has a lot of old circus wagons, some of which were from circuses owned by the western film heroes:


There are several movie databases available on the Internet.  The main issue is that they are generally updated by folks like you or I, thus some of the data may be inaccurate or incomplete.  But if you have a question about a movie title or a person associated with films, you should check these websites:

   The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has a searchable database on actors, actresses, films, directors, studios, etc.:

 Trying to recall the name of a cliffhanger?  This is not a searchable database, but Joseph Scoleri III's 'Maverick' website has listings of all silent and sound serials:

  If you're looking for info on silent era people and films, you can search the American Film Institute (AFI) catalog:


Please visit the 'Trusty Steeds' / Movie Horses section on the Old Corral. Link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.

18. 1950s - 1960s TV SHOWS (mostly westerns)

Please visit the Old Corral pages on TV Westerns. Link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.


Please visit the Old Corral pages on Movie Locations. Link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.

20. DVDs, VIDEOs

There's a large section on Videos and DVDs on the Old Corral, and the link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.


There's a large section on books and print publications on the Old Corral, and the link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.


The "Bunkhouse News" section on the Old Corral lists various film fests and events, and the link is on the Old Corral homepage ... or you can click HERE and a separate window / tab will open.

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