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Updated: October 18, 2019

(From Old Corral collection)

Above is a lobby card from STAGECOACH (1939) showing the stage and cavalry troop ... with Monument Valley as the backdrop. Monument Valley was a favorite of director John Ford and is located on the border of southeastern Utah and northern Arizona.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above, Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder restrains Robert 'Bobby' Blake as Little Beaver in this lobby card from CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH (Republic, 1946). The background is the "cave set" on the Republic studios lot.

Have received a lot of e-mails asking for a webpage about movie locations and exterior locations used in the B western and serial. Below are a variety of links for you to visit and enjoy. Did you find a movie location website not listed below? If so, please shoot the Old Corral webmaster an e-mail with the link address.

Movie Location Books:

Click HERE and a separate window/tab will open with some book covers and details.

Websites with info on various Movie Locations:

Wikipedia has a webpage - along with many website links - on various movie locations:

Jerry Schneider's Movie Making Locations Guide:

Jerry Schneider's updated and expanded site on Ray 'Crash' Corrigan's Corriganville movie ranch:

Victor A. Medina has a movie locations website with some good info and nice images on Red Rock Canyon, Vasquez Rocks, Bronson Canyon, the Walker Ranch, lots more:

Author Jerry England has a website about movie locations and ranches in the Santa Susana Mountains, which includes Iversons, Brandeis Ranch, Bell Ranch, Corriganville, more:

Andrew J. Klyde has a website devoted to the BONANZA TV show. One of the sections on his website includes many photos of exterior movie locations:

Kipp Teague's RetroWeb has photos and info on various studio lots and exterior locations:

Websites with info on a specific Movie Location:

Moab, Utah has been a prominent movie location for decades ... and there's also the Moab Film and Western Heritage Museum:

Stephen Lodge wrote about Pioneertown and Dick Curtis, Roy Rogers, Russell Hayden, and more:

More on Pioneertown, California:

Built initially for John Wayne's THE ALAMO, Alamo Village is located in Texas and was in operation from about 1960-2009:

Columbia Ranch, the original back lot for Columbia Pictures Studios (and which is now owned by Warner Bros.):

There's extensive coverage on the Iverson Movie Ranch blog:

Westerns done in Sedona, Arizona include John Wayne's TALL IN THE SADDLE and Gene Autry's THE STRAWBERRY ROAN. Joe McNeill has a website on films shot in Sedona, Arizona and Northern Arizona:

The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District webpage on Corriganville Park is at:

Lone Pine, California was the backdrop in a variety of westerns starring Jack Hoxie, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Ken Maynard, others. And many of the Paramount Hopalong Cassidy adventures were also filmed there. Lots of info at the Museum of Western Film History at Lone Pine:

Hollywood Studio Tour website has some photos and info on the studios and production companies:

Santa Clarita Valley History in Pictures is a large website devoted to films in the Newhall area, including Melody Ranch and more:

Santa Clarita Valley History in Pictures website has a large section on Newhall, California and the Melody Ranch / Monogram Ranch movie location:

Kern Valley, California was the location site used on a variety of films and serials:

(From Old Corral collection)

When Tim McCoy was at MGM in the late 1920s, the film company went on location to the Wind River Reservation area near Lander, Wyoming to film WAR PAINT (1926). Above is a photo of the "Indians galloping across the Wind River". This footage was used again in McCoy's END OF THE TRAIL (Columbia, 1932). And it became one of the most used pieces of 'stock footage' and can be seen in dozens of westerns and serials including:

THE SINGING VAGABOND (Gene Autry, Republic 1935)
PAINTED STALLION (Republic, 1937, 12 chapter serial)
OVERLAND EXPRESS (Buck Jones, Columbia, 1938)
ROLL WAGONS ROLL (Tex Ritter, Monogram, 1939)
OREGON TRAIL (Universal, 1939, 15 chapter serial)
PRAIRIE SCHOONERS (Bill Elliott, Columbia, 1940)
PIONEERS OF THE WEST (Three Mesquiteers, Republic, 1940)
LAWLESS PLAINSMEN (Charles Starrett, Columbia, 1942)
FRONTIER FURY (Charles Starrett, Columbia, 1943)
THE LAW RIDES AGAIN (Trail Blazers, Monogram, 1943)
THE SCARLET HORSEMAN (Universal, 1946, 13 chapter serial)
INDIAN TERRITORY (Gene Autry, Columbia, 1950)
APACHE COUNTRY (Gene Autry, Columbia, 1952)
SON OF GERONIMO (Columbia, 1952, 15 chapter serial)
BLAZING THE OVERLAND TRAIL (Columbia, 1956, 15 chapter serial)
WILD DAKOTAS (Bill Williams, Associated, 1956)

(From Old Corral collection)

For many years, B western baddie Jack Ingram (above) had a movie location ranch. You'll find more info on Ingram and his ranch in the Villains & Supporting Players section on the Old Corral. See the Ingram Ranch ad below.

(Courtesy of Ken Jones)

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