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Several folks have asked about books and print media related to cowboy films and cliffhangers.  I'm not peddling books and periodicals, but the following info and weblinks may help you locate some interesting readin' and reference material.

Links below are to many businesses and companies. Ye Old Corral webmeister gets no freebies, commissions, or compensation if you buy using these links.

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Hamilton Bargain Books has a lot of film-related books
The official websites for Gene Autry and John Wayne have books:
Autry National Center of the American West
John Wayne Birthplace Museum
The following publishers have a lot of books on cinema, TV, and radio:
McFarland Books
University of Oklahoma Press
Bear Manor Media


Ye Old Corral webmaster has always had a problem with identifying movie locations. I recognize them, but just can't tie a name/location to a specific town, cabin, ranch, cave, rock or dusty backlot road. Tinsley Yarbrough has written about movie locations for many years in Boyd Mager's Western Clippings, and I always read that section hoping his text and photos would rub off on me.

A few years back, Tinsley authored Those Great Western Movie Locations, a 365 page hardback which is now out of print.

A few years later, he updated the original with info on more sites, films, etc.

Those Great Western Movie Locations with 2016 Supplement has 402 pages, nearly 500 photos, over 110 filming sites, and references to over 1200 films and TV series.

November, 2018: Tinsley advised that the supplement is also sold out. For those interested in finding a copy of the original or supplement versions, check the used book sources at the top of this page.


Published in 2006

Published in 2011
The First Fifty Years of Sound Western Movie Locations (1929-1979) by Kenny Stier and A Century of Western Movie Locations by Carlo Gaberscek and Kenny Stier are a couple of huge, lavishly illustrated volumes that are chock full of nitty-gritty details on movie locations. The covers shown are from the softcover versions which are 8 1/2 x 11.

Currently, Carlo and Kenny write the "In Seach of Western Movie Sites" section in Boyd Magers' Western Clippings.

The First Fifty Years ... has 437 pages. A massive, alphabetized film listing is on pages 251-426, and you can quickly check for a movie title and filming location(s).

A Century ... has 502 pages and covers the period from the 1980s and later. The extensive film listing, with specific movie location info, is on pages 401-496.

I've always had a problem identifying movie locations. In March, 2012, Encore Westerns channel had early morning broadcasts of Bill Elliott in TAMING OF THE WEST (Columbia, 1939) and Buster Crabbe in OUTLAWS OF THE PLAINS (PRC, 1946). I recognized the towns in both films, but couldn't pin a name to them so I checked the alphabetical film list in THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS and got answers. TAMING was shot at Iversons and OUTLAW was at Corriganville.

Hard and softcover versions of A Century of Western Movie Locations by Carlo Gaberscek and Kenny Stier:

Hard and softcover versions of The First Fifty Years of Sound Western Movie Locations (1929-1979) by Kenny Stier:


Arizona's Little Hollywood: Sedona and Northern Arizona's Forgotten Film History 1923-1973 by Joe McNeill is a wonderful, super researched book that documents the movies and filming done in Arizona. This 7 x 10 1/4 hardbound has 678 pages on slick paper with many high quality images.

While Arizona is the backdrop, Joe gives us background and history of specific films beginning in the 1920s with Richard Dix in THE CALL OF THE CANYON (Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, 1923). Dozens of 1920s - 1970s films are chronicled with wonderful tidbits gleaned from old shooting schedules, tradepaper blurbs, etc. For example, you'll learn about Errol Flynn in VIRGINIA CITY (Warners, 1940), John Wayne's ANGEL AND THE BADMAN (Republic, 1947), and James Stewart and Jeff Chandler in BROKEN ARROW (20th Century Fox, 1950). B westerns are also covered such as Gene Autry's THE STRAWBERRY ROAN (Columbia, 1948) and SILVER STALLION (Monogram, 1940), the leadoff entry in a failed trio series starring stuntman Dave Sharpe, LeRoy Mason and Chief Thunder Cloud.

Joe and I connected when I was doing the Trusty Steeds webpage on Rex, King of the Wild Horses. His book has lots on Rex, including the trials and tribulations suffered by Rex owner Lee Doyle in trying to get paid for Rex in KING OF THE SIERRAS (Grand National, 1938; AKA BLACK STALLION).

New and used versions of Joe's book are available at amazon and there are several five star reviews from book buyers:

For those of you who fondly remember Ray "Crash" Corrigan ... and/or you were a visitor to his Corriganville Movie Ranch, you should be pleased with several books authored by Jerry L. Schneider.

Jerry is the proprietor of the Movie Making Locations website at:

CORRIGANVILLE: The Definitive True History of the Ray "Crash" Corrigan Movie Ranch
500 page hardcover, $49.95:
500 page paperback, $39.95:

CORRIGANVILLE: The Reel Story of Ray "Crash" Corrigan and His Movie Ranch:
286 page hardcover, $40.00:
284 page paperback, $30.00:

Corriganville Movie Ranch Pictorial Souvenir Book (26 page paperback, $20.00):

Boyd Magers has authored a fun book titled So You Wanna See Cowboy Stuff? The Western Movie/TV Tour Guide. Some of the movie location info is provided by Tinsley Yarbrough. This hardcover book is about 8 1/2 x 11 1/4, has about 265 pages, loads of photos, and a very detailed index. Movie ranches and exterior locations are included with photos, narrative and mini/selected filmographies. This tour guide is organized by state - for example, the Alabama section includes a photo and the street address of Johnny Mack Brown's birthplace home. Naturally, the biggest section covers the state of California. Good read for those (like me) who have a real problem identifying locations used in westerns. And if you're hitting the road on vacation, this book may give you ideas on some well known - and not very well known - spots to visit.

You can check with Boyd Magers and see if he still has copies available:

Or check, eBay, and other book sellers listed at the top of this webpage for used copies.

David Rothel has written a number of cinema-related books, including The Singing Cowboys and Who Was That Masked Man: The Story of the Lone Ranger.

An Ambush of Ghosts - A Personal Guide to Favorite Western Film Locations was published in 1990 by Empire Publishing.  I am really lousy at identifying western movie locations ... and this book has a ton of pictures and text about that subject.  This hardbound book measures 11 1/4 wide x 8 3/4 high, and contains about 275 pages.

This book is out of print. Check, eBay, and other book sellers listed at the top of this webpage for used copies.

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