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Warner's younger brother Al Richmond
(Alfred Louis Raetzman) was also in movies.

(Courtesy of Donald Patrick Raetzman)

Above - Douglas Fairbanks and Al Richmond during the filming of ROBIN HOOD (Douglas Fairbanks Pictures/United Artists, 1922). "Doubling for the King" is written on the back of the photo.

Alfred Louis Raetzman was a couple years younger than brother Warner. Born in 1888 in Wisconsin, he wound up in Hollywood around 1919, and over the next ten years or so, he did stunt work and doubling. And as "Al Richmond", he starred in a few low budget silent westerns. Circa 1934, Al and wife Ruth moved to Billings, Montana where he operated Al's Saddle Horse Service. He passed away in 1966.

The Internet Movie Database has Al in a couple uncredited, minor roles in 1930s films, SATURDAY'S MILLIONS (Universal, 1933) with Robert Young and MISSISSIPPI (Paramount, 1935) with Bing Crosby and W. C. Fields. Have not been able to confirm that Al appeared in either/both of those talkies.

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has information on Al Richmond (1888-1966):

The Family Search website (free), (subscription), and the Newspaper Archive (subscription) have information on Richmond. However, the trail does include several last name variations which I've highlighted in red - there's Raetzman, Ratzman, Raetzmann.

Jim Clark maintains a family tree at (which includes the Raetzman family) and had the obituary noted above. Jim also had some additional details on Al's wife Ruth and the World War II death of their son Al:

"I have 1920 census for his wife Ruth (Holder), married to William Holder (with children (Alfred) Louis and William Richmond). I have a 1930 census for his wife Margaret R Richmond that indicates divorced (with children Alfred L, Billy (William) C. and Margaret R. Richmond). It sounds like she was married to Al, divorced him, married William Holder, divorced him and then maybe reconnected with Al in California because Margaret R. is born in California and has the name Richmond."

Jim also had a death notice from the March 13, 1945 Billings (Montana) Gazette (which indicates wife Ruth had remarried and was living in California). Excerpts: "First Lieutenant Alfred Lewis Richmond, son of Al Richmond ... and Mrs. F. W. Grandemann of Palo Alto, Cal., was reportedly killed in action on Luzon, February 10. ... (he) entered the service with a Montana national guard unit in September 1940."

We're still searching for 1920, 1930 and 1940 census records for Al Richmond/Raetzman. Have tried many spelling variations of his last name. No luck to date.

Above are a couple 1925 theater ads for two of Al Richmond's western movie adventures, EYES OF THE DESERT and GASOLINE COWBOY. Both of these Poverty Row oaters were churned out by producer William M. Pizor and distributed by Sierra. The year prior, Richmond did his first starrer, THE BORDER RIDER (Essanar Film Company/Sierra, 1924).

The Film Daily Hollywood tradepaper from June 6, 1926 had an ad from Pizor on a series of "6 Lightning Westerns starring Al Richmond". However, no titles were mentioned. The two Pizor films mentioned above were confirmed as there were theater ads for them. However, I did not find any other Al Richmond movie ads (which indicates that only three of the six film series were completed).

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