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Face Comparisons over a 25 year period
1921 - mid 1940s.

Pay particular attention to several areas: 1) he has a natural indentation or a scar centered under his lower lip, and that shows up as a dark area in many photos; 2) the ears; 3) width of the eyes and bridge of his nose; 4) there are lines or creases running from his nose down toward the outside of his upper lip, and those are more pronounced in the later photos.

(Courtesy of Thomas McGeeney)

Above - the 1921 Los Angeles photo still shown earlier.

Blowup of Hackett's face from that 1921 photo above.

Let's draw a Hackett style moustache on that young, thin face.

(Courtesy of Jack Tillmany)

Above (from 1937) and below (1940s) are images shown on Hackett webpage one. Note the indentation or scar under his lower lip. In the lower photo, you can see the crease running down his right cheek, from his nose to his upper lip.

(Courtesy of Donn & Nancy Moyer)

Karl Hackett recap and timeline with some new discoveries = more things to investigate

During June-July, 2006, we did did some heavy-duty Internet searching for census records, birth and death info, newspaper articles, etc. Lo and behold, Tom McGeeney located more on Hackett in several 1928-1929 Ohio, Pennsylvania and Chicago newspapers. Let's summarize what we know about Karl Hackett and add the newspaper information. Newspaper articles and excerpts/quotes are highlighted IN THIS COLOR:

Where do we go from here? We wait ... and hope that a Hackett family member will contact us with some additional info.

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