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(Courtesy of Belinda Kirkhuff)

Above are Glenn Strange and cousin Cactus Mack Mc Peters with the Range Riders, circa 1933.

L-R in the back row are Jack Kirk, unknown (white shirt, standing, possibly Ace Spriggins), Hilo Pete McKinney (white shirt w/ guitar, sitting), Oscar Gahan (w/ fiddle), unknown, Jack Jones.

L-R in the front row are Glenn 'Pee Wee' Strange (kneeling & whittling), Curtis 'Cactus Mack' McPeters (kneeling w/ guitar), Sheriff Loyal Underwood.

Jack Jones also has a copy of the above still, and on the back of his photo are names of most of the faces with their nicknames: Jack Jones (Pocatello Kid), Jack Kirk (Pecos) and Pete McKinney (Hilo Pete).

The July 11, 1933 Variety tradepaper carried news about the Arizona Wranglers and the creation of the Range Riders. Excerpts from that article: "In an argument over commission for stage appearances, Arizona Wranglers have split with their organizer, Loyal Underwood, and are now on their own at KFI. Cow yippers had been a KNX act for three years. Since splitting, Underwood has organized another group of cowhand singers and stringers and goes KNX with them under title of 'Range Riders'."

(Courtesy of Jack Jones)

Above is a tannish herald/flyer used to announce the band's performances. Wednesday, September 20 occurred in 1933. In the bottom right corner of the flyer are the nicknames of the band members - 'Cactus Mack' is Curtis 'Cactus Mack' McPeters and 'Pee-Wee' is Glenn Strange.

(Courtesy of Herb Stokes)

Above is the Arizona Wranglers musical group plus others in a still from STORMY (Universal, 1935).

From L-to-R in the backrow (standing) are: Johnny Luther (nickname: 'Arkansas' Johnny), unidentified man (in suit), unidentified woman, Calvin Short (or Shorts) playing harmonica (nickname: 'Sleepy'), James Burtis, and leading lady Jean Rogers.

From L-to-R in the front row (seated): Glenn Strange (nickname: 'Pee Wee'), Charles Hunter (nickname: 'Iron Tail'), John Jackson (nickname: 'Stony' or 'Stoney'), Laverne F. Costello (nickname: 'Slicker'), Curtis McPeters (nickname: 'Cactus Mack').

(Courtesy of Jack Jones)

The July 29, 1935 Call Bureau cast listing for STORMY (Universal, 1935) included the names of the Arizona Wranglers members (along with incorrect spellings on several names).

(Courtesy of Ed Phillips)

Above from left to right are Charlie/Charley Sargent, Jack Kirk, John Wayne, Cactus Mack McPeters, Chuck Baldra and Glenn Strange in a scene from Wayne's WESTWARD HO (Republic, 1935). On the far right is the non-singing Tex Palmer. In the film's opening titles, Glenn Strange is credited and "the Singing Riders" is listed under Strange's name. These "guys in black shirts" did double duty as singers as well as members of the "Singing Riders" who rode white horses and assisted Wayne. Below are crops/blowups showing the faces in more detail.

Below: Charlie/Charley Sargent, Jack Kirk, John Wayne, Cactus Mack McPeters.

Above: Chuck Baldra, Glenn Strange, and non-singing Tex Palmer.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

From left to right are Yakima Canutt, a bearded Frank McGlynn, Jr., John Wayne and Glenn Strange in a lobby card from LAWLESS RANGE (Republic, 1935), one of eight oaters that Wayne did during the first year of the new Republic Pictures organization. McGlynn, Jr. was the brains heavy in this one. Strange worked with Wayne in fifteen A and B grade westerns as well as THE HURRICANE EXPRESS (Mascot, 1932) cliffhanger.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from L-to-R are Patricia Wathall, singing cowboy Dick Foran and Glenn Strange in EMPTY HOLSTERS (Warners, 1937), the next-to-last entry in Dick Foran's Warner westerns. Foran's Warners series consisted of a dozen released during 1935-1937. Strange was in nine of the films.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above - singing cowboy Bob Baker has the drop on Strange in a still from THE LAST STAND (Universal, 1938). Baker did a dozen solo starring westerns at Universal which were released in 1937 - 1939. Glenn Strange worked in ten.

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