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The Three Mesquiteers

Republic Pictures

51 films released
from 1936 - 1943

(From Old Corral collection)

Above is a sepia duotone lobby card from the 1953 re-release of NEW FRONTIER.  By that time, John Wayne was a big name in Hollywood, and this lobby card capitalizes on his popularity to (hopefully) entice ticket buyers to attend the film showing.  (During this 1952-53 period, Wayne was on the screen in new films such as HONDO, THE QUIET MAN, TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY, BIG JIM MCCLAIN, more.)

Variant 5 - two films
John Wayne (as Stony Brooke)
Ray Corrigan (as Tucson Smith)
Raymond Hatton (as Rusty Joslin)

As mentioned earlier, Max Terhune was gone and his replacement was Raymond Hatton (as 'Rusty Joslin').  After completing these two Mesquiteers adventures, Corrigan exited Republic due to salary issues --- 'Crash' had been a member at the beginning of the series and had appeared in the first two dozen Mesquiteers.  In an interview years later, Ray said that Republic wanted to continue his contract but without a pay raise, and that was unacceptable to him ... plus Corrigan and Livingston didn't get along, and when Ray heard that Bob was returning to the Mesquiteers series (to replace John Wayne), that was the last straw!

Corrigan had also purchased some Simi Valley (California) property and was busily converting it into his Corriganville movie location ranch ... and that movie ranch would become more important, and financially lucrative, to Corrigan.

WYOMING OUTLAW and NEW FRONTIER were released in June and August, 1939, respectively.  In March, 1939, United Artists released John Ford's STAGECOACH, which basically ended Wayne's laboring as a B film star and pushed him into higher grade features such as ALLEGHENY UPRISING (RKO, 1939), THE DARK COMMAND (Republic, 1940), THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS (Paramount, 1941), more.

As to Max Terhune and Ray Corrigan - THE RANGE BUSTERS, the first film in their new trio series for Monogram Pictures, arrived at the theaters in late August, 1940.

Note that NEW FRONTIER was retitled FRONTIER HORIZON for TV release to avoid confusion with Wayne's earlier film, THE NEW FRONTIER (Republic, 1935).

(From Old Corral collection)

Above from L-to-R are Don Barry (behind bars), Corrigan, Raymond Hatton, and Wayne in a B&W still from WYOMING OUTLAW. Note the height difference between Don Barry vs. Wayne and Corrigan.

(Courtesy of Minard Coons)

Above - Ray Corrigan and John Wayne compete for Phyllis Isley (Jennifer Jones) in the Three Mesquiteers adventure NEW FRONTIER. This was Corrigan's last film as a member of the Three Mesquiteers. He would then start up the new Range Busters trio oaters which were released by Monogram. This was also Wayne's last as a Mesquiteer as well as a B western hero. In 1939, STAGECOACH was released.

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