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Tony Sr., Tony Jr., the white Tony II, and the Tony Jr. lookalikes

Want to learn more about the original Tony, Tony Jr., Tony II, and the several Tony Jr. lookalikes/doubles that were used in Mix's Universal sound westerns and THE MIRACLE RIDER serial?

Go to the Trusty Steeds section on the Old Corral and you'll find a bunch more info and images.

The original Tony (Tony Sr.)

(From Old Corral collection)
Above - the original Tony (Tony Sr.).

(From Old Corral collection)
Above - Tony Jr.

Tony Jr.

One of several Tony Jr. lookalikes.

(From Old Corral collection)

left above is Tom Mix on the white Tony II chatting with Gene Autry riding ??? during their 1939 Christmas Parade appearance in Hollywood.

Lots of Tom Mix Weblinks

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on:
                    Tom Mix:
                    Ruth Mix (1912-1977):
                    Victoria Forde (1896-1964) (Mix's 4th wife and frequent heroine in Tom's Selig films):

Find A Grave site has a photo of Mix's grave marker at Forest Lawn - Glendale:

Find A Grave mentions that actress Victoria Forde, Mix's fourth wife, is interred at Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California:

Find A Grave also has info on the original Tony who was put down in October, 1942 and was buried on Mix's ranch in an unmarked grave. However, the grave location has been lost due to development of that property:

The Library of Congress has about two dozen Tom Mix photos, including images of Tom, Victoria and daughter Thomasina as well as photos of Tom at the White House:

It's always interesting to view newspaper headlines and clippings - here's a few:

The New York Times newspaper archive has many articles on Mix. There is a fee to download the full articles. Here's a few with links to the free previews:

The Time magazine archive website has several articles on Mix. Full articles require a subscription, but article previews are available:

The Circus Historical Society website has a Bandwagon magazine article by Stuart Thayer on the last years of the Tom Mix Circus, seasons 1936-1938:

G. E. Nordell's website includes a photo of Mix on Old Blue, the horse he used prior to Tony Sr. The signed notation on the photo reads: "In memory of 'Old Blue', the best horse I ever rode, born July 14, 1897, killed January 29, 1919. We grew old together, Tom Mix" The photo is at:

The Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection has several 1929 photos of Mix and Tony Sr. on the Flickr photo website:

The website for the DuBois Area Historical Society, DuBois, Pennsylvania was no longer working when I checked in April, 2023:

The Tom Mix Museum is located in Dewey, Oklahoma. The museum has many Mix artifacts and collectibles which they obtained from Mix's lawyer:

More about the Tom Mix Museum in Dewey, Oklahoma - there's large photos of Tom Mix's costumes, saddles and other memorabilia, including a photo of the aluminum suitcases that caused his death:

For those of you interested in Nat Levine and his adventures with Ken Maynard, Tom Mix and more, McFarland book publishers has a great book titled The Vanishing Legion: A history of Mascot Pictures 1927 - 1935. Originally published in hardbound in the early 1980s, author Jon Tuska knew and interviewed Maynard and Levine (and lots of other Mascot alumni). The book has been re-issued in softcover for about $35.00. The following will take you to the McFarland home page. In the Search box, enter Tuska as the last name of the author:

The Santa Clarita Valley History in Pictures website has several webpages on Mix:

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission website has info on their Tom Mix collection:

The Silent Film Sources website had an interesting group of articles on Tom Mix (excerpted from the 1957 memoirs by his wife Olive Stokes Mix). That website is no longer working, but the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive has a copy of the site at:

The page devoted to Tom Mix, the original Tony, and a horse named 'Buster' that was the double for Tony, is at:

The sections devoted to Tom Mix, Ruth Mix and the Circus are at:

If you wish to read the full text --- all the articles --- here are the links:

Tom Mix Memorial/Monument near Florence, Arizona (location where Mix died in the automobile accident):

The Silents Are Golden site has a page showing Mix's home in Beverly Hills:

Jerry Murbach's Doctor Macro website has several images of Tom Mix:,%20Tom.htm

Here's some real Mix trivia - Mix and William S. Hart were pallbearers at the funeral of Wyatt Earp:

The Circus Museum and Robert L. Parkinson Library and Research Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin has some Tom Mix material:

Want to see if Tom Mix - or your fav western hero - is enshrined on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? Search the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce / Walk Of Fame website at:

In 1958, Tom Mix was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Mix was a recipient of an "In Memorial" award at the 1987 Golden Boot program. To view a complete listing of all the Golden Boot award winners, go back to the Old Corral homepage, and then to the Golden Boot Award menu item.

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