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Special thanks to Cliff Ledger who sent this publicity photo of Sunset Carson which he got in 1965. The original image is shown on the left and was autographed to Cliff. The salutation reads:

To Cliff,
Best wishes
your Friend
Kit Carson 1965

Ye Old Corral webmaster did some fixing and the large image below is the result.

Following are excerpts from several e-mails from Cliff:

In 1965, Sunset came over to Ireland to join my Uncle's Circus (John Duffy's Circus). Arriving in Ireland, he did have some problems with his guns as the law in Great Britain and Ireland are very strict on firearms. We had to get him a very large lead door to shoot into. It took four of us to carry the darn thing. Duffy's Circus then thought it might be hard going from town to town every day, having to get permission from the police so they sent him to Portrush N. Ireland (Barrie's Amusements) where he spent the Summer season not having to travel. Having my own Country and Western Band (Cliff Ledger and The Country Boys) and working near Sunset, I tried to be with him as much as possible. He and I talked a lot about horses, westerns and show business. I do remember he had a big book full of photo stills from his movies plus other big western stars that he talked a lot about. His wife was so nice inviting me to dinner every time I got the chance to be with them. I only wish now that we could have kept in touch with each other. The rifle he used is the one in the photograph.

(Courtesy of Cliff Ledger)

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