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Frank's brother Ernie, who was born in 1920, provided some additional details about Frank, brother Lou, and the Yaconelli family:

"Frank and Lou did about 7 or 8 movies, under Tec-art Studios from about 1920-21 until talkies came in. Frank directed and Lou starred as "Earl Douglas". Frank was in vaudeville with Nick Moro, sometimes in a Fanchon and Marco revue and sometimes the duo did shows on their own. Nick was a fine guitarist, a good actor, and he and Frank made a good team. Another brother and myself stayed away from the business. We had a lot of visitors in the 1920s: Louis Wolheim, Rex Lease, William Boyd (while married to Elinor Fair and before he became Hopalong). Zachary Yaconelli was a cousin. He was a fine linguist, speaking Italian, (of course), Portuguese, Hebrew, and Spanish. In fact, he was an interpreter for Carmen Miranda.

Frank's lovely wife's name was Inez. A striking beauty, which beauty she maintained until she passed on, a couple years ago. They had one son, Jules Philippe. He is in the computer industry.

Frank was born in Italy, as our parents, Carlo and Anna, were street musicians. He must have been born the same year they came to this country in 1898. There were eleven children born in the USA, but only six survived childhood, and six of us grew up as a family.  The six children, in order of their birth: Frank, Lou, Rose, Marie, Tony, and me. I am the last of twelve, and, also the only survivor, at 82.

Frank was old enough to join the Army, and served overseas 18 months in WW1.  His enlistment made him an automatic citizen. He tried to re-enlist in 1942, but failing that, he toured the bases with the USO.

His restaurant was called "Yaconelli's".

Frank did some painting --- but not for sale. His son was very generous in sending me one, which I treasure, and have hanging on my wall."

Ernie Yaconelli

(Courtesy of the Yaconelli Family)

Above are Frank's wife and son, Inez (nicknamed 'Mimi') and Philippe. had the Oregon Marriage Index - Frank Yaconelli and Inez L. Wilson married on May 21, 1932 in Multnomah, Oregon. Inez passed away on May 13, 1998.

(Courtesy of the Yaconelli Family)

A great shot of a smiling Frank proudly pointing the way to his restaurant located on 371 North Western Avenue in Los Angeles, circa 1958.  Serving Italian food ... what else?  Frank and wife Inez opened Yaconelli's around 1950.

Below is the State of California Senate Resolution number 88 dated March 3, 1965, which reads in part:

"to commend Frank Yaconelli for devoting a lifetime to unselfish service and entertainment to people all over the world and particularly for his many fine public services to the people of the State of California"

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