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Jim Newill's Texas Rangers uniform, gunbelt and spurs

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from left to right are Kenne Duncan, Newill and Reed Howes in a fight scene from BORDER BUCKAROOS (PRC, 1943).

On the left is a crop/blowup of Newill's well decorated gunbelt (which housed a pearl-handled sixgun) from the above BORDER BUCKAROOS photo.

He also wore what I call "Bob Livingston pants" (see photo above) in remembrance of Livingston's drawers from many of his Three Mesquiteers films - both Livingston and Newill had "hero britches" with a lighter colored cuff.

Below - the Newill family has their Dad's gunbelt and spurs. Rick Newill mentioned that his father made the belt and spurs.

(Courtesy of the Newill Family)

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