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Remembering James Newill
as "Sergeant Renfrew of the Royal Mounted"

(Courtesy of the Newill Family)
In 8 films:

ON THE GREAT WHITE TRAIL (Grand National, 1938)
CRASHING THRU (Monogram, 1939)
YUKON FLIGHT (Monogram, 1939)
FIGHTING MAD (Monogram, 1939)
DANGER AHEAD (Monogram, 1940)
MURDER ON THE YUKON (Monogram, 1940)
SKY BANDITS (Monogram, 1940)

(Above pressbook covers courtesy of Les Adams)

Note the stern image of Newill in the FIGHTING MAD pressbook cover above ... and the cleft on his chin.  The leading ladies in these two films, Sally Blane (real name: Elizabeth Young) and Polly Ann Young, were sisters of Loretta Young. In the MURDER ON THE YUKON pressbook cover, Chief Thunder Cloud (Victor Daniels) is pouncing on Newill. Note that he's listed third as Chief (Geronimo) Thundercloud.  The 'Geronimo' reference and tie-in was to Daniels portrayal of the Apache Indian chief in GERONIMO (Paramount, 1939).

(Courtesy of the Newill Family)

Above are pretty Carol Hughes and James Newill in a still from the first of the Renfrew "singing mountie" films, RENFREW OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED (Grand National, 1937).

(From Old Corral collection)

Above from L-to-R are Louise Stanley, Dave O'Brien and James Newill during the filming of YUKON FLIGHT (Monogram, 1939). O'Brien portrayed Newill's helper 'Constable Kelly'.  Louise Stanley made a couple dozen films, mostly westerns, and at one time was married to (and divorced from) leading man Dennis O'Keefe and Monogram cowboy hero Jack Randall. In addition to YUKON FLIGHT, Stanley was also the heroine in another Renfrew adventure, SKY BANDITS (Monogram, 1940).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from L-to-R are Jean Carmen, Newill, Milburn Stone, and Roy Barcroft in a scene from CRASHING THROUGH (Monogram, 1939).  On the stairs, and about to deliver a crushin' blow to Newill's noggin, is Iron Eyes Cody.  Jean Carmen's most remembered role was as the rider of the paint horse in the Republic serial, THE PAINTED STALLION (1937), in which she was billed as Julia Thayer.  In later life, Milburn Stone became 'Doc' on TV's long running GUNSMOKE.

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