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Chief White Eagle

1892 ? - 1983

He's not Basil Heath, AKA "White Eagle", "Chief White Eagle"

(From Old Corral collection)

Above L-to-R are Tim McCoy, Wade Boteler, Luana Walters and Chief White Eagle ... from McCoy's END OF THE TRAIL (Columbia, 1932).

Above - screen capture of Tim McCoy and Chief White Eagle having a chat in END OF THE TRAIL. And Chief White Eagle is billed in the opening titles and credits.

END OF THE TRAIL is among Chief White Eagle's handful of film appearances in silents and early 1930s talkies.

YouTube has the film, and McCoy meets up with Chief White Eagle at around the 27 minute mark. Click HERE for that scene which will open in a separate tab / window.

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Chief White Eagle:

February 19, 1983 Indianapolis Star has the death announcement for 107 year old Chief White Eagle. He was an Osage Indian. He lived in an Indianapolis, Indiana nursing home since 1976 and passed away at the Wishard Memorial Hospital on February 15, 1983. Funeral service at New Crown Cemetery Chapel, Indianapolis, Indiana:

There are reports that Basil Heath was White Eagle / Chief White Eagle. But it appears he was not Native American nor did he appear in films. 93 year old Basil F. 'Chief White Eagle' Heath passed away January 24, 2011, at Woodlawn Hospital, Rochester, Indiana. More about Basil Heath (1917 - 2011) at:

(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

Lobby card from OKLAHOMA JIM (Monogram, 1931). From left to right are Earl Dwire (Sergeant stripes), Franklyn Farnum, Bill Cody, William Desmond, Iron Eyes Cody (white headdress with the orange/red tipped feathers), Chief White Eagle (blue jacket), Andy Shuford, John Elliott (green jacket) and Bill Hazlett / Chief Many Treaties with the headdress with feathers marked in blue. Crop/blowups below with closer view of the faces.

Earl Dwire, Franklyn Farnum, Bill Cody, and William Desmond.

Iron Eyes Cody, Chief White Eagle, Andy Shuford, John Elliott, and Bill Hazlett / Chief Many Treaties.

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