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Augie Gomez - 1944 ... and he always pulled his hat down on his forehead.
Augie Gomez

Full name:
Augustine Whitecloud Gomez

1889 ? - 1966

Augustine Whitecloud Gomez was another B western performer who developed riding, knife throwing and rope twirling skills on wild west shows, circuses, and the vaudeville circuit. Family consensus is that he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and his Native American lineage was Mohawk. His birth date may be August 10, 1889 (death certificate) ... or August 10, 1899 (World War I draft registration) ... or August 10, 1900 (World War II draft registration).

In Hollywood, he became a familiar face as a gang member, posse rider, townsman, saloon patron, etc. in B westerns with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Johnny Mack Brown, Buster Crabbe. the Range Busters, many others. In the 1950s - mid 1960s, Augie pops up in minor, background roles in dozens of television programs including GUNSMOKE, WYATT EARP, GENE AUTRY SHOW, ROY ROGERS SHOW, RANGE RIDER, CISCO KID, DEATH VALLEY DAYS, BONANZA, lots more.

On a few occasions, he portrayed a Native American. Example: in Gene Autry's BLUE MONTANA SKIES (Republic, 1939), Augie is billed in the opening titles and credits. He's "Blackfeather", a gang member working for Harry Woods.

There's an Augie Gomez biography on the Old Corral.  Go back to the Old Corral homepage, and scroll down the left side menu to the Henchmen & background performers section ... or click HERE and that bio will open in a separate window / tab.

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