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(Courtesy of Ken Jones)

L-to-R are George Sky Eagle, Chief Many Treaties, Chief Yowlachie, Charles Bruner, J. W. 'Joe' Cody, Iron Eyes Cody, and Chris Willow Bird in KING OF THE STALLIONS (Monogram, 1942). This scene occurs In the film - they are sitting on a corral fence and cheering hero Ric Vallin as he attempts to break and tame a wild black stallion.

Crop / blowup from the above photo --- L-to-R are:
George Sky Eagle
William Malcolm Hazlett (1874 - 1948), a.k.a. Bill Hazlet and Chief Many Treaties
Chief Yowlachie (1891 - 1966), real name: Daniel Simmons a.k.a. Daniel Yowlatchie

Crop / blowup from the top photo --- L-to-R are:
Charles Bruner
J. W. 'Joe' Cody (brother of Iron Eyes Cody)
Iron Eyes Cody (1904? - 1999)
Chris Willow Bird (1887 - 1968)

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Dave O'Brien, Victor Daniels / Chief Thunder Cloud (next to O'Brien in bottom left), and Ric Vallin (white buckskins above Daniels head) were the stars of KING OF THE STALLIONS (Monogram, 1942), alternate title CODE OF THE RED MAN . Wearing the headdress in the upper left is Chief Yowlachie.

(Courtesy of Don Swinford)

Chief Yowlachie is center front.  Behind Yowlachie from L-to-R are Chris Willow Bird (with drum), Charles Bruner, George Sky Eagle, Iron Eyes Cody (over Yowlachie's shoulder), Bill Hazlett (Chief Many Treaties), Joe Cody and Billy Wilkerson (William Penn Wilkerson).

(Courtesy of Don Swinford)

From L-to-R are Chief Yowlachie, George Sky Eagle, Ric (Rick) Vallin, Chris Willow Bird, and Chief Thunder Cloud.

Crops / blowups from the KING OF THE STALLIONS lobby cards:

Chris Willow Bird and Charles Bruner in the background.

J. W. 'Joe' Cody (brother of Iron Eyes Cody).

Bill (Billy) Wilkerson

George Sky Eagle

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