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(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

Above - John Wayne and four unidentified Native American performers in a re-release lobby card from TEXAS TERROR (Lone Star/Monogram,1935), one of the slower paced Wayne Lone Stars.

Who Have We Missed - Some Faces To Identify.

There are many Native American performers of the B western and serial who we have missed --- and on this page are photo crops showing some of the faces we've been unable to identify.

Perhaps an Old Corral visitor can provide information and names.

Reminder: regular visitors to the Old Corral know that the website is dedicated to the performers and films of the western and serial genres.  And the time frame is roughly from the late 1920s through 1954 or so.  Visitors who come to this section of the Old Corral from Search Engine matches or other websites need to understand this.

Native American performers who began their careers on the big screen and TV in the mid to late 1950s through to the present are not included, simply because they are not part of the ol' cowboy film and cliffhanger.

If you want info on those later performers and films, please visit:

the Internet Movie Database at:

You may also want to visit the Native American Actors / American Indian Actors Directory website at:



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