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by Boyd Magers
Chuck Anderson

There are over 150 sound B-westerns, shorts and serials considered as "lost", "missing" or "unavailable", the preponderance of them being Charles Starrett Columbias, certain Monogram titles and plenty of early 1930s low budget affairs. At any rate - here's the list of B-westerns, shorts and serials that are MIA. If you know the whereabouts of any of these titles on film, VHS or DVD, please contact Boyd Magers or Chuck Anderson.
... Boyd Magers

The Old Corral website was started in 1998, and over the years, I've received many e-mails asking the whereabouts and status of westerns and serials. Thankfully, most titles are available. But among the lost and missing, there's three films - and one series - that seem to be on the want/wish list of many people. The most requested lost/missing film is John Wayne's THE OREGON TRAIL (Republic, 1936), and a year or two ago, there were rumors that a print had been discovered. Apparently not. Next are the Allan Lane serial DAREDEVILS OF THE WEST (Republic, 1943) and Johnny Mack Brown's MONTANA DESPERADO (Monogram, 1951) - and both of those are now available for home viewing. And there are lots of people looking for Charles Starrett Columbias. Thanks to Boyd for assembling this list.

About this listing - while some titles are probably lost forever, there are many that are just plain UNAVAILABLE. Negatives or positive prints may be missing pieces of the picture or sound; some - or portions of some films - were lost to film vault fires or nitrate decomposition; and some ultra low budget Poverty Row stuff disappeared because no one saved it. But some stuff does exist ... somewhere. Columbia didn't release many of their Starrett/Durango Kids on TV, but they probably (hopefully) have a bunch stored in a vault somewhere (and a few have been recently put on DVD by Sony Classics and later, Alpha/ Some titles are not available in the U.S., but are found in overseas markets or in an overseas film storage facility. The search goes on.

... Chuck Anderson

Updated: April, 2024 and latest find indicated with an
January 13, 2009: thanks to Earnie Price for the heads up on Tex Ritter's ROLLIN' WESTWARD (Monogram, 1939). Alpha Video/ released that film, paired up with Tex's ROLLING HOME TO TEXAS (Monogram, 1941), on a DVD double feature in late February, 2009:

January 17, 2009: thanks to Michael Nella for advising that the Robert Shayne "Santa Fe Trail" short GUN TO GUN (Warners, 1944) is included in the Warners Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (which has Flynn's MONTANA, ROCKY MOUNTAIN, SAN ANTONIO and VIRGINIA CITY). GUN TO GUN is on the MONTANA DVD. Available at Amazon:

February 24, 2009: WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND (Paramount, 1935) with Buster Crabbe added to the listing.

April 1, 2009: SOUTH OF SONORA (West Coast Studios, 1930) with Buffalo Bill Jr. added to the list.

January 12, 2010: added the John Carroll ROSE OF THE RIO GRANDE (Monogram, 1938) to the list. Carroll did this Zorro knock off about a year after starring in the ZORRO RIDES AGAIN cliffhanger. Available at Amazon:

February 1, 2010: Michael Nella e-mailed that Sinister Cinema was releasing three of the Charles Starrett westerns, COLORADO TRAIL (1938), SPOILERS OF THE RANGE (1939) and WEST OF SANTA FE (1938). But when I checked in 2022, Sinister was no longer offering those titles. Sinister's website is at:

May 18, 2010: Alpha/ has released the Jack Donovan TWISTED RAILS (Imperial, 1934) - but it's NOT a western. From Boyd Magers: Very nice little B-movie from Imperial w/ Philo McCullogh as the heavy ... loads of action, but it's a 1930s railroad movie.

July 19, 2010: added two more Charles Starrett/Durango Kid westerns to the list - LIGHTNING GUNS (Columbia, 1950) and RIDIN' THE OUTLAW TRAIL (Columbia, 1951) are now available.

December, 2010: the Serial Squadron announced that the Allan Lane DAREDEVILS OF THE WEST serial was available on DVD. I ordered and my DVD arrived February 15, 2011. More info at the Serial Squadron website:

September, 2011: a couple of the Tex Williams shorts are now found.

November 19, 2011: Michael Nella and Ron Blalock e-mailed about the Warner Archives Monogram Western Collection DVD set Volume 1 which is available at Amazon. There's 9 films on 3 DVDs - one of the movies is the Jimmy Wakely COWBOY CAVALIER (Monogram, 1948). Film titles and more info at Amazon:

November 25, 2011: Lars Kvam e-mailed me about Alpha Video/ releasing a DVD containing the Jack Perrin Bud 'n' Ben short RIDING GENTS (Reliable, 1934):

December 22, 2011: Ron Blalock monitors the Warner Archives for Monogram westerns. He e-mailed me that Monogram Collection DVD set Volume 2 was released in 2012, and it includes 8 films - 6 with Whip Wilson and 2 with Rod Cameron. Two of the Whip Wilson's are MONTANA INCIDENT (Monogram, 1952) and THE GUNMAN (Monogram, 1952) which are on our lost/missing westerns list. Film titles and info at Amazon:

September, 2012: The WB Shop continues to release Monogram oaters on MOD (made on demand) DVD sets which are available at Amazon. Their Monogram Cowboy Collection Volume 4 includes the lost/missing Johnny Mack Brown MONTANA DESPERADO (Monogram, 1951):

October 5, 2012: Hermitage Hill Media is no longer in operation. But they did release chapters 1-6 of the Tom Tyler CLANCY OF THE MOUNTED (Universal, 1933) serial on DVD. Chapters 7-12 remain lost/missing.

June, 2013: Richard Harrison e-mailed about a bunch of Jack Perrin oaters on DVD. Titles include: BEYOND THE RIO GRANDE (1930), FORTY-FIVE CALIBRE ECHO (1932), THE KID FROM ARIZONA (1931), LARIATS AND SIX-SHOOTERS (1931), PHANTOM OF THE DESERT (1930), and WILD WEST WHOOPEE (1931). Go to:
Updated June 11, 2013: got an e-mail from Gordon Gregersen who tried to order these from Bob Carman's B-Western Collectables website. There was a boo-boo at Carman's end and these Perrin's are NOT available at present. So those titles go from Lost ... to Found ... to Lost Again.

March 17, 2014: Bart Romans e-mailed about a Spanish or Portuguese version of the Medico Charles Starrett THUNDER OVER THE PRAIRIE (Columbia, 1941) being available on YouTube: When I checked in 2022, it was no longer online.

March 17, 2014: Brian Shaw e-mailed about Sony issuing the Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette LIGHTNING GUNS (Columbia, 1950). This MOD DVD was released in 2014 and is available from Amazon for about $15.00 and about $17.00 from Critics Choice Video. Go to: and

March 27, 2014: Brian Shaw advised that another lost/missing Starrett, THE HAWK OF WILD RIVER (Columbia, 1952) was released 2014. You can order THE HAWK OF WILD RIVER for about $15.00 from:
Critics Choice Video:

September 29, 2014: John Brooker sent an e-mail about a lost/missing Charles Starrett/Russell Hayden RIDERS OF THE NORTHLAND (Columbia, 1942) on getTV's schedule on two Saturdays, October 4 and October 18. The getTV channel is from Sony Pictures Television Networks (and is either over the air or via your cable provider).
John also noted that FANGS OF THE ARTIC with Kirby Grant was shown May, 2014 on TCM in the U. K.

The Charles Starrett/Russell Hayden RIDERS OF THE NORTHLAND has been shown on Encore Westerns in 2015 and was also on the Encore schedule many times in 2016.

October 2, 2014: got an e-mail from Dave Kott that Starrett's SECRET PATROL (Columbia, 1936) was shown on TV channel getTV a few months ago (and the print was excellent). Couple days later, Dave sent a follow-up e-mail with news that SECRET PATROL is on the getTV schedule for Saturday, November 1.

March 8, 2015: Michael Nella e-mailed that was releasing the Jack Perrin SHERIFF'S SECRET (Cosmos, 1931), one of the ultra low budget oaters that Perrin did for producer Robert J. Horner.
April 5, 2015 - Jon Pytko e-mailed with disappointing news: "I received Alpha's DVD of WEST OF CHEYENNE and THE SHERIFF'S SECRET only to find that the latter title is actually RAWHIDE MAIL from 1934. Alas, too good to be true - yet another of Jack Perrin's 1930-32 films-still lost!" Oldies has corrected that film/title problem and RAWHIDE MAIL is now listed:

March 1, 2017 - received e-mails from Phil Loy and Boyd Magers that the John Carroll ROSE OF THE RIO GRANDE (Monogram, 1938) is available via a video seller on eBay. Also available at Amazon:

March 21, 2017 e-mail from Neil Roughley: "The first eight of the feature versions of the Wild Bill Hickok TV series were released theatrically in the U.K. by United Artists. The British Film Institute's National Archive has elements for seven of the eight titles; only BORDER CITY RUSTLERS is missing. The other eight titles were not released theatrically in the U.K." (Have marked the 7 titles in the list below with a )

September, 2017: John Brooker in the UK e-mailed with news that DESERT MESA is now available from Renown Pictures Ltd in the UK. In the mid 1930s, and calling himself 'Tom Wynn / Wynne', prolific stuntman and henchie Wally West had a very brief fling at hero roles when he starred for Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon in DESERT MESA (Security, 1935) and MORMON CONQUEST (Security, 1939). DESERT MESA is part of a DVD set containing Bob Steele - A Demon for Trouble; Rex Lease - Fighting Caballero; Guinn Williams - Big Boy Rides Again and The Invisible Message (UK title for Gun Play); Jack Perrin - The Cactus Kid; Fred Scott - In Old Montana and Knight of the Plains; Tom Tyler - Law and Order (UK title for Fast Bullets); Bill Cody - Frontier Days and The Call of Justice (UK title for Outlaws of the Range.) Not available from Amazon U. S. But I've been in contact with a couple folks who ordered the set directly from Renown, and the cost and postage was about $38.00. Details on the set is at:

January, 2018: Earnie Price e-mailed about Alpha Video / releasing a made-on-demand (MOD) DVD with the lost / missing DESERT MESA along with Lane Chandler's THE TEXAS TORNADO (TV title: RANCH DYNAMITE). The Alpha / description notes that their MESA print came from the collection of Adamson family friend, Samuel M. Sherman. Priced at about $10.00 (includes U. S. postage) direct from Alpha /

May, 2018: got an e-mail from John Brooker in the U. K. that the Charles Starrett / Russell Hayden OVERLAND TO DEADWOOD (Columbia, 1942) is scheduled for May on TCM U. K.
Update from John: OVERLAND TO DEADWOOD is still lost / missing. It was scheduled to run twice in May on TCM U. K., but the film was not shown.

March, 2019: Eric Cohen e-mailed that Universal provided a 35mm print of Jack Holt's THE BORDER LEGION (Paramount, 1930) for viewing at the 2015 Capitolfest in Rome, New York. Film is not available on DVD / Blu-Ray or a streaming service.

January, 2023: Phil Loy e-mailed that Herb Jeffries' HARLEM ON THE PRAIRIE (1938) was shown on TCM in October, 2022. Bob Carman's B Western Collectibles website has it on DVD for about $10.00:

March, 2023: The Spanish or Portugese version of the Medico Charles Starrett THUNDER OVER THE PRAIRIE (Columbia, 1941) is back on YouTube:

 April, 2024: Jack Perrin's WILD WEST WHOOPEE (1931) is available at Bob Carman's B-Western Collectables website:

 April, 2024: While searching for silent films in which his grandfather appeared, Dana Cocke' found TRAILS OF ADVENTURE (Robert J. Horner / American Pictures, 1933) starring Buffalo Bill Jr. (Jay Wilsey) and Edna Aselin / Aslin. Of the 5 reels of 35mm film, only about 2 reels were salvageable. Click HERE for details and images.

Listing is sound films only during the period from approximately 1929 - mid 1950s

To Search/Find a title or cowboy hero, use your web browser's built-in FIND function to search down this page for your keywords such as Tyler or Starrett. In the upper left of your screen, you should see the word 'EDIT'. Click on that, and in the drop down menu, click on 'FIND' to do your search.

FOUND Rose of the Rio Grande (1938)

Galloping Kid (1932)

West of the Rockies (1929)

Dugan of the Badlands (1931)
Land of Wanted Men (1932)

Parting of the Trails (1930)

Ranger's Code (1933)

Trigger Law (1944)

Lightnin' Smith Returns (1931)
Valley of Badmen (1931)

FOUND Ridin' Gents (short) (1934)

Bar L Ranch (1930)
South of Sonora (1930)
Cheyenne Kid (1930)
Trails of the Golden West (1931)
Riders of Golden Gulch (1932)
PARTIAL FIND Trails of Adventure (1933)

Nevada (1935)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1935)

Cyclone Kid (1931)

Mysterious Avenger (1936)
Code of the Range (1936)
FOUND Secret Patrol (1936)
Dodge City Trail (1936)
Trapped (1937)
Westbound Mail (1937)
One Man Justice (1937)
Call of the Rockies (1938)
FOUND Colorado Trail (1938)
Law of the Plains (1938)
FOUND West of the Santa Fe (1938)
Texas Stampede (1939)
North of the Yukon (1939)
FOUND Spoilers of the Range (1939)
Two Fisted Rangers (1940)
West of Abilene (1940)
Prairie Stranger (1941)
Medico of Painted Springs (1941)
Pinto Kid (1941)
KINDA FOUND Thunder Over the Prairie (1941)
Royal Mounted Patrol (1941)
FOUND Riders of the Northland (1942)
Overland to Deadwood (1942)
Riding Through Nevada (1942)
Cowboy in the Clouds (1943)
Robin Hood of the Range (1943)
Hail to the Rangers (1943)
Law of the Northwest (1943)
Riding West (1944)
Cowboy from Lonesome River (1944)
Sagebrush Heroes (1945)
Rustlers of the Badlands (1945)
Frontier Gunlaw (1946)
El Dorado Pass (1948)
Quick on the Trigger (1948)
Horsemen of the Sierras (1949)
Renegades of the Sage (1949)
Outcast of Black Mesa (1950)
Texas Dynamo (1950)
Across the Badlands (1950)
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek (1950)
FOUND Lightning Guns (1950)
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail (1951)
Fort Savage Raiders (1951)
Kid from Amarillo (1951) (last half exists)
FOUND Hawk of Wild River (1952)
Junction City (1952)

Judgement Book (1935)
Trails End (1935)

Ride, Cowboy, Ride (short) (1939)
Singing Dude (short) (1940)

A Bullet for Billy the Kid (1963)

Pecos Dandy (1934)

Fair Warning (1931)
Gay Caballero (1932)
Frontier Marshal (1934)

Outlaw Queen (1956)

FOUND Harlem on the Prairie (1938)

FOUND-not a western Twisted Rails (1934)

Universal has a 35mm print Border Legion (1930)
End of the Trail (1936)

In Line of Duty (1931)

Overland Bound (1929)
STILL LOST Beyond the Rio Grande (1930)
Ridin' Law (1930)
STILL LOST Wild West Whoopee (1931)
STILL LOST Kid from Arizona (1931)
STILL LOST Sheriff's Secret (1931)
STILL LOST Lariats and Six-Shooters (1931)
STILL LOST .45 Calibre Echo (1932)

Land of Fighting Men (1938)
Riders From Nowhere (1940)

FOUND Cowboy Cavalier (1948)

Mounted Fury (1931)

Lone Star Ranger (1942)

FOUND Montana Desperado (1951)

Oregon Trail (1936)

Rhythm Roundup (1945)

Marshal of Windy Hollow (1972)

Powder River Gunfire (25 minutes) (1948)

Singing Spurs (1948)
FOUND in U. K. Fangs of the Arctic (1953)

Riders of the Rio (1931)
Reckless Rider (1932)
Battling Buckaroo (1932)

Five Bad Men (1935)
Devil's Canyon (1935)

Wild Horse Mesa (1932)
Sunset Pass (1933)
Last Roundup (1934)
Home on the Range (1935)

RAY WHITLEY: (20 minutes each)
Prairie Papas (1938)
Bar Buckaroos (1940)
Prairie Spooners (1941)

Hidden Valley Days (27 minutes) (1948)

Man From Arizona (1932)

The Lone Trail (1932)

Santa Fe Trail (1930)
Helldorado (1934)

West of the Pecos (1934)

Two Gun Caballero (1931)

FOUND Gun to Gun (20 minutes) (1944)

Defying the Law (1935)

Song of the Buckaroo (1939)
FOUND Rollin' Westward (1939)
Arizona Frontier (1940)

TEX WILLIAMS (25-30 minutes each):
Girl from Gunsight (1949)
FOUND Pecos Pistol (1949)
FOUND Silver Butte (1949)
FOUND South of Santa Fe (1949)
Cactus Caravan (1950)
Ready to Ride (1950)
Rustler's Ransom (1950)
Thundering Rails (1950)
Prairie Pirates (1950)

Dude Wrangler (1930)
Romance of the Rockies (1937)

White Renegade (1931)

'Neath Western Skies (1930)
Man from Death Valley (1931)
Partners of the Trail (1931)
Galloping Thru (1932)
Vanishing Men (1932)
Man from New Mexico (1932)
CHAPTERS 1-6 FOUND Clancy of the Mounted (serial) (1933)

TOM WYNNE (Wally West):
FOUND Desert Mesa (1935)
Mormon Conquest (1939)

Tex Takes a Holiday (1932)
King of the Wild Horses (1933)

Trails of Peril (1930)
Hell's Valley (1931)

Texas Badman (1953)

FOUND Gunman (1952)
FOUND Montana Incident (1952)

West of the Rockies (20 minutes) (1941)

Any of the TV episodes edited into theatrical features with the theatrical titles:
Yellow Haired Kid (1952)
Trail of the Arrow (1952)
Ghost of Crossbones Canyon (1952)
Behind Southern Lines (1952)
Border City Rustlers (1953)
Two Gun Marshal (1953)
Six Gun Decision (1953)
Secret of Outlaw Flats (1953)
Two Gun Teacher (1954)
Trouble on the Trail (1954)
Outlaw's Son (1954)
Marshals In Disguise (1954)
Timber Country Trouble (1955)
Match Making Marshal (1955)
Titled Tenderfoot (1955)
Phantom Trails (1955)
(all the TV episodes that go to make up these features do exist)

FOUND Daredevils of the West (1943) serial

Smoky (1933)

(Courtesy of Richard Harrison)

Above is the title lobby card from TWO GUN CABALLERO (William Pizor, 1931) with star Robert Frazer shown on the left and right sides in this dual role oater.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

One of the early sound Mountie flicks was MOUNTED FURY (Sono-Art/World Wide, 1931) and starred John Bowers. Bowers was a silent screen star, but his career faded with the coming of sound. Attending a party in 1936, Bowers walked into the Pacific Ocean, committing suicide. Scuttlebutt is that his death was the inspiration for the fictional (and suicidal) 'Norman Maine' character in the 1937 and 1954 versions of A STAR IS BORN.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above - a lobby card from THE VALLEY OF BADMEN (Syndicate, 1931), a Buddy Roosevelt oater directed by Jack Irwin. In the photo inset are Buddy and Charles 'Slim' Whitaker.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

In the above lobby card from RIDERS OF THE RIO (Round-Up Pictures, 1931), Sherry Tansey is about to take a board to hero Lane Chandler who is poundin' away on an unidentified player.

(Courtesy of Richard Harrison)

Above is the title lobby card for LARIATS AND SIX-SHOOTERS (Robert J. Horner, 1931), one of the Jack Perrin starrers for ultra low budget producer Robert J. Horner.

(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

Above are Wallace MacDonald and Virginia Brown Faire in a lobby card from TEX TAKES A HOLIDAY (Argosy, 1932).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above is the title lobby card from THE MAN FROM NEW MEXICO (Monogram, 1932) which starred Tom Tyler.

(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

L-to-R are Andy Shuford, Sheila Mannors (Sheila Bromley) and Bill Cody in a lobby card from LAND OF WANTED MEN (Monogram, 1932). Shuford is also shown in the round inset on the bottom right corner.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above is a stained and well worn title lobby card from BATTLING BUCKAROO (Kent, 1932), one of Lane Chandler's eight for producer Willis Kent. Kent would later sign Northwestern University fullback Lafayette H. 'Reb' Russell to a contract for a western series.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above, from L-to-R are Theodore (Ted) Lorch, Charlie King, Rex Bell, Lex Lindsay and James Marcus in a lobby card from Bell's THE MAN FROM ARIZONA (Monogram, 1932).

(Courtesy of Richard Harrison)

Pressbook cover for TRAILS OF ADVENTURE (Robert J. Horner / American Pictures, 1933) which starred Buffalo Bill, Jr. (Jay Wilsey).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Silent hero and later stuntman Ted Wells starred in a pair of low budget oaters for Robert J. Horner. Above is a lobby card from DEFYING THE LAW (Aywon, 1935).

(From Old Corral collection)

L-to-R are Ralph Lewis, Beatrice Gray, Jack Ingram, Bob Steele and Hoot Gibson in a lobby card from TRIGGER LAW (Monogram, 1944). This was one of three Steele and Gibson oaters that were made after the demise of Monogram's Trail Blazers series.

(From Old Corral collection)

RUSTLERS OF THE BADLANDS (Columbia, 1945) was one of the earlier Durango Kid escapades and featured Tex Harding as Charles Starrett's saddle pal.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above are Ken Curtis and Cheryl Walker in a title lobby card from the 1945 RHYTHM ROUNDUP musical extravaganza which featured the Hoosier Hotshots and Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Pressbook ad for the short POWDER RIVER GUNFIRE (Universal-International, 1948) which starred Kenne Duncan.

Wikipedia has a section about lost/missing films, re-discovered films, etc.:

Carl Bennett operates the Silent Era site which caters to those early films. This link is to his webpage on lost and found silent films:
Some movies are lost or missing due to film storage vault fires. And in the ol' days, films were often tossed or destroyed as the production companies saw no commercial value in maintaining the prints and negatives. Wikipedia has several pages on film vault fires:
1937 Fox vault fire in Little Ferry, New Jersey:
1967 MGM vault fire in Culver City, California:

One of the major issues was the use of nitrate film stock. Want to learn more about nitrate film, nitrate decomposition, and the fire dangers associated with nitrate film? Go to:

Wheeler Winston Dixon is the Film Studies professor at University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He has a series of videos on YouTube titled "Frame by Frame" with comments and perspective on various movie topics. This link is for his three minute video which summarizes why so many early films are lost:
A reminder and caution with the above list. Some folks have e-mailed and said that a particular title isn't really lost or missing - the film is in a vault or archive somewhere in the U.S. or overseas. Or some collector is rumored to have the film. That may be true and we can be thankful. However, the issue is that the film(s) has not been made available to the general public via any source. A good example are the many Charles Starrett Columbias. Positives or negatives on all or many of those are probably in storage somewhere. But these weren't released for 1950s television, thus no TV prints are in circulation among the collector community. The end result - the films are still among the lost, missing, and unavailable.

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