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(Courtesy of Les Adams)
Virginia Belmont

1921 - 2014

Born in Boston in 1921, pretty Virginia Belmont did a few 1940s westerns with William Boyd, Jimmy Wakely and Johnny Mack Brown, and she was also the heroine in the DANGERS OF THE CANADIAN MOUNTED (Republic, 1948) chapterplay which starred Jim Bannon.

Sources indicate that Virginia married (becoming Virginia Belmont Califano), moved to Italy, and did some 1950s films in Italy where she was billed as Virginia Belmonte.

Virginia Califano, age 92, passed away on May 6, 2014 at her home in Hollywood, California:

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Virginia Belmont:

(Image courtesy of Les Adams)

In the above scene from THE RANGERS RIDE (Monogram, 1948) are, from L-to-R, Virginia Belmont, Jimmy Wakely and his sidekick Dub 'Cannonball' Taylor. Virginia Belmont did heroine duties in two other Wakelys, OKLAHOMA BLUES (Monogram, 1948) and COURTIN' TROUBLE (Monogram, 1948).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from L-to-R are Johnny Mack Brown, the moustached Tom Smith and Virginia in PRAIRIE EXPRESS (Monogram, 1947).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above - Virginia vs. Anthony Warde in a scene from the serial DANGERS OF THE CANADIAN MOUNTED (Republic, 1948).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Virginia Belmont Filmography
Westerns are in blue.
Serials are in red.
Non-westerns in black.
Filmography provided by Les Adams.

Title Company Director Star Belmont
10/20/44 BLACK ARROW Columbia Lew Landers/Reeves Eason Robert Scott Unbilled Girl
10/25/44 GIRL RUSH RKO Radio Gordon Douglas Wally Brown Troupe Member
12/25/44 NEVADA RKO Radio Edward Killy Robert Mitchum Dancer
2/3/45 WHAT A BLONDE RKO Radio Leslie Goodwins Leon Errol Showgirl
2/17/45 BETRAYAL FROM THE EAST RKO Radio William Berke Lee Tracy Showgirl
2/17/45 HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME RKO Radio A. Edward Sutherland Pat O'Brien Party Guest
2/20/45 PAN-AMERICANA RKO Radio John H. Auer Philip Terry Pan American Girl
7/23/45 JOHNNY ANGEL RKO Radio Edwin L. Marin George Raft Night Club Cigarette Girl
7/31/45 GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS OF 1945 RKO Radio Feliz E. Feist Joan Danis Showgirl
3/1/46 KID FROM BROOKLYN, THE RKO Radio Norman Z. McLeod Danny Kaye Goldwyn Girl
10/25/47 PRAIRIE EXPRESS Monogram Lambert Hillyer Johnny Mack Brown Peggy Porter
10/25/47 SWEET GENEVIEVE Columbia Arthur Dreifus Jean Porter Gloria Martin
1/15/48 A-HUNTING THEY DID GO (Short) Columbia Jules White Wally Vernon Girl
1/31/48 OVERLAND TRAILS Monogram Lambert Hillyer Johnny Mack Brown Marcia Brandon/Madeliene Bush
2/7/48 FIGHTING MAD (Joe Palooka Series) Monogram Reginald LeBorg Leon Errol Nurse
3/19/48 SILENT CONFLICT United Artists George Archainbaud William Boyd Rene Richards
3/28/48 OKLAHOMA BLUES Monogram Lambert Hillyer Jimmy Wakely Judy Joyce
4/1/48 CRABBIN' IN THE CABIN (Short) Columbia Jules White Wally Vernon Wife
4/24/48 DANGERS OF THE CANADIAN MOUNTED Republic Fred Brannon/Yakima Canutt Jim Bannon Roberta 'Bobbie' Page
4/26/48 RANGERS RIDE, THE Monogram Lambert Hillyer Jimmy Wakely Sheila Carol
11/21/48 COURTIN' TROUBLE Monogram Ford Beebe Jimmy Wakely Carol Madison
Footnotes ... and a question:
Apparently Virginia was under some kind of players contract at RKO circa 1944-45 and probably appeared in bit and supporting roles in other RKO films which are not listed above.
She also may have appeared in more of the Wally Vernon/Eddie Quillan shorts from Columbia than just the two noted above.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) includes in their filmography for Virginia a variety of 1950ish Italian films starring an actress named "Virginia Belmonte".  Link to the IMDb is above.

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