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The Maynard Saddle

In June, 2002, I communicated with some family members who asked for help in identifying a saddle that was once owned by Maynard.  One of their family had acquired the saddle in the early 1950s from Edward Bohlin.  The saddle is stored in the original wooden shipping crate which still has the mailing tags showing it was sent from:

Edward H. Bohlin, 931 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood 38, Calif.

The family sent me a variety of photos of the saddle, bridle, shipping crate, etc., and I've selected the five images above and below.

The engraved stamp of the saddlemaker reads "J. R. Davis", and is shown in one of the photos below.

This particular style of saddle was not used by Ken in his First National silents nor the early sound films at Tiffany, K.B.S., Universal and Mascot (click HERE for a photo of Ken and Tarzan from WHEELS OF DESTINY (Universal, 1933)).

The saddle shown here first appears in Maynard's 1935-36 Columbia series, and then becomes his regular saddle in the films for Grand National, Colony, and later, in the Monogram Trail Blazers.  This appears to be Maynard's "movie saddle".  In the Old Corral pages on Maynard, there's several circus photos of him from 1937 and 1940 with a more ornate saddle.

The owners report that the saddle was sold for about $23,000.00 at the High Noon auction in Mesa, Arizona in mid January, 2003.

Above, the name of the saddle maker was J. R. Davis


Above are a couple of image crops showing Ken using the saddle.  Click HERE and HERE to see the full images.

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