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(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Heroine Betty Boyd is shown on the left, and on the right, Hoxie is huggin' elderly Mary Carr in this title lobby card from GUN LAW (Majestic, 1933).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from left to right are Hoxie, Bob Burns, heroine Betty Boyd and Harry Todd in a lobby card from GUN LAW (Majestic, 1933).

(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

Above, Jack restrains the Winchester-toting Alice Day, who is also pictured in the circular inset in this lobby card from GOLD (Majestic, 1932).

Jack Hoxie's SOUND Westerns
Special thanks to Les Adams for providing this filmography

Title Company Director Star Leading Lady Hoxie Role
9/15/32 GOLD Majestic Otto Brower Jack Hoxie Alice Day Jack Tarrant
10/1/32 OUTLAW JUSTICE Majestic Armand Schaefer Jack Hoxie Dorothy Gulliver Jack Rankin (Panamint Smith)
11/30/32 LAW AND LAWLESS Majestic Armand Schaefer Jack Hoxie Hilda Moreno Montana
2/6/33 VIA PONY EXPRESS Majestic Lew Collins Jack Hoxie Marceline Day Buck Carson
4/1/33 GUN LAW Majestic Lew Collins Jack Hoxie Betty Boyd The Sonora Kid
5/15/33 TROUBLE BUSTERS Majestic Lew Collins Jack Hoxie Kaye Edwards Tex Blaine

The initial years of the sound B-western was a shakeout period.  Republic Pictures would not be formed until 1935.  Major studios were spending money and doing solid productions, and during the early 1930s, Columbia had Tim McCoy and Buck Jones while Universal's range riders included Tom Mix and Ken Maynard.  Smaller companies like Monogram utilized Bob Steele, Rex Bell, Bill Cody, Tom Tyler and John Wayne.  There were a bunch of small, independent outfits churning out very low budget oaters for the states rights market, and during this period, many of the stars of silent westerns had a brief fling as heroes in sound adventures.  Included were Wally Wales, Buffalo Bill, Jr., Bob Custer ... and Jack Hoxie doing the half dozen 1932-1933 sound oaters for Majestic Pictures.

(From Old Corral collection)
Jack Hoxie's Horses

Above - Jack Hoxie is atop the white charger 'Dynamite, the Wonder Horse' (which may have been his trusty hoss 'Scout' renamed as Dynamite) in a still from GOLD (Majestic, 1932). See the lobby card from GOLD below.

During his silent starring days, Hoxie rode a variety of horses including a paint and several white horses named 'Scout' and 'White Fury'.

In his six Majestic sound oaters, Hoxie used at least three different cayuses. In GOLD (Majestic, 1932), the white horse has few markings and ye Old Corral webmaster has not identified the animal (this may be Hoxie's Scout). In LAW AND LAWLESS (Majestic, 1932), Jack rides the "white horse with a mottled face and many names" which I believe came from the Fat Jones stables. And in TROUBLE BUSTERS (Majestic, 1933), he rides Jack Perrin's 'Starlight'. You'll find more on both horses in the Trusty Steeds/Movie Horse section on the Old Corral.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)


  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Jack and Al Hoxie:

          Jack Hoxie:
          Al Hoxie:

Jim Tipton's Find A Grave website has a photo of the marker for Jack Hoxie at the Willowbar Cemetery, Keyes, Oklahoma:

Circa 1930 - 1932, Jack Hoxie and some investors attempted to turn the abandoned Fort Davis (in Texas) into a movie location. The effort failed:

Donna Anderson has a blog about her grandfather, Al Hoxie. Her "Tribute to Grandpa - In honor of Alton J. Hoxie", is at:

William (Buckles) Woodcock has a blog on circus history and it includes some photos of Jack Hoxie:
     1940 photo of Jack Hoxie:
     1947 photo of Jack Hoxie with the Miller Bros. Circus:

The Hakes auction website has a 28 x 80 inch two-sheet poster for the 1937 Jack Hoxie Circus:

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