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(Courtesy of Ed Phillips)

Above is Ken Curtis (on the right), his horse Zane and Shug Fisher in a scene from Curtis' RIDERS OF THE PONY EXPRESS (Screencraft, 1949).

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above are Linda Perry, Dick Foran, and Foran's trusty steed Smoke (Smoky) in LAND OF THE LAW (Warners, 1937). Smoke wound up being owned by Victor Daniels (Chief Thunder Cloud), and a photo of the grave marker for Smoke is on the Trusty Steeds page for Chief Thunder Cloud. In the opening titles of the Foran oaters, this horse sometimes was credited --- sometimes as "Smoky" and sometimes as "Smoke".

(Courtesy of Donn and Nancy Moyer)

Above, Fred Scott, the Silvery-Voiced Buckaroo, and his hoss, White King.  There are some references and other material that identify the name of Scott's horse as White Dust.  However, the publicity material (such as the posters from his Spectrum films) clearly show the animal's name as White King (see below). Whatever name was chosen for Scott's film steed, the above photo is of Jack Perrin's "Starlight" and you can see more of Starlight in the White Hoss #2 in the Trusty Steeds/Movie Horses section.

(From Old Corral collection)

One of the Three Mesquiteers groupings featured above, from L-to-R: Raymond Hatton as 'Rusty Joslin', Bob Livingston as 'Stony Brooke' and Duncan Renaldo as 'Rico Rinaldo'.  Hatton replaced Max Terhune and rode a mule named Dinah ... and when he wanted to go full speed (relatively speaking), Hatton used the command 'Hi Ho Dinah!' (or 'Hi Yo Dinah').  Thx to Jim Martin for reminding me about Dinah.

(From Old Corral image collection)

Above - Johnny Mack Brown is atop Reno/Rebel and saddle pal Raymond Hatton is riding Lucky/Tex during their series at Monogram Pictures.  Jimmy Wakely and Jack Randall also rode Lucky in some of their Monogram westerns, and John 'Dusty' King rode the same horse during his time as a member of Monogram's Range Busters.

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