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(Courtesy of Minard Coons)

Above is William Boyd and his hoss Topper.  The story is that Boyd's wife, Grace Bradley Boyd, selected the horse's name because she liked the TOPPER books (or films) that were authored by Thorne Smith.

(Courtesy of Dale Crawford and Jim Sorensen)

Above is the marker for Hoppy's horse Topper, who is buried at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas, California. The park is called S.O.P.H.I.E. (Save Our Pets' History in Eternity).

(Courtesy of Minard Coons)
Left is a publicity shot of Boyd during his Hoppy TV series days, circa 1950.

As a wrap-up, the basic Hopalong Cassidy statistics and trivia are:

The Motion Picture Herald and Boxoffice polls were conducted from about the mid 1930s through the mid 1950s.  With a few exceptions, the annual results would list the 'Top Ten' (or 'Top Five') cowboy film stars.  In most cases, the winners were what you would expect - Autry, Rogers, Holt, Starrett ... and William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy.  Boyd/Hoppy consistently placed in one or both polls from 1936-1952, with the exception of the year 1951.

Popularity Rankings of William Boyd
Year Motion Picture Herald
Poll Ranking
Poll Ranking
1936 4th No Survey
1937 2nd 3rd
1938 2nd 2nd
1939 2nd 2nd
1940 2nd 3rd
1941 2nd 2nd
1942 3rd 3rd
1943 2nd No Poll Conducted
1944 2nd 3rd
1945 3rd 3rd
1946 . 5th
1947 3rd 4th
1948 5th 5th
1949 7th 5th
1950 5th 4th
1951 . .
1952 10th .

Les Adams brought up an interesting tidbit about the billing given to the Hoppy performers.  In the early films with Jimmy Ellison, Boyd is first-billed, but Ellison gets the same sized lettering.  In the post-Ellison films, Boyd gets the dominant billing, and all the other players (like Hayden, Hayes) are in smaller letters and they're listed as being 'featured' or 'with'.

Hoppy Fan Club, Hoppy Festival, and the Hoppy Museum

Laura Bates headed up the FRIENDS OF HOPALONG CASSIDY fan club and was the director and coordinator of the annual Hopalong Cassidy Festival in Ohio. However, the last Hoppy Festival was 2015. Unsure of the status of the fan club. Last contact info I had on Laura was:
Laura Bates, 6310 Friendship Drive, New Concord, Ohio 43762

The "Hopalong Cassidy Festival - Retired" group is a busy group on Facebook ... and Laura Bates participates in the texts and announcements:

The Hopalong Cassidy Museum in Cambridge, Ohio was destroyed by a fire in 2016. Much of Laura Bates' Hoppy memorabilia was sold at auction in late 2021:

Lots of Hoppy Links

Hopalong Cassidy Enterprises / U. S. Television Office, Inc. is the owner and copyright holder of all things Hopalong Cassidy:

Find A Grave website has a photo of the marker for William Boyd and Grace Bradley Boyd at Forrest Lawn - Glendale:
and Boyd's horse Topper is interred at the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery:

The Los Angeles Times website has the obituary on Grace Bradley Boyd who passed away September, 2010:

The Internet Archive has many of the Hoppy radio shows which you can stream/download:

The Louis L'Amour website includes info on the Hoppy novels authored by L'Amour (writing as Tex Burns) circa 1950:

Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DoD civilians, contractors, and their families. Their website has several photos of Boyd, and the photo credit notes: Frankfurt, Germany, August 27, 1954: Cowboy star Bill Boyd, arriving at the Rhein-Main airport to begin a European vacation with his wife. Go to:

There's some photos of Hopalong Cassidy author Clarence Mulford at the Maine Memory Network:

You can view photo covers of the Hoppy and Bill Boyd Western comics at the Grand Comic Database:

There's a large website devoted to actress Dorothy Sebastian, William Boyd's wife prior to Grace Bradley Boyd:

Roger Hall's Cowboy Songs Corral website has a section on Hoppy:

Rob Williams' website on Hoppy is at:

The Time magazine website has their Hoppy photo cover of the magazine from 1950:,16641,19501127,00.html

Life magazine covers are on Google - including the 1950 cover with Hoppy:

"Silents are Golden" is a website devoted to silent films, and they have several 1920s era photos of William Boyd:

Joseph J. Caro is the author of the definitive book on Hoppy merchandise.  This link will take you to the website with info on his Hoppy merchandise book:

Remember the Hoppyland amusement park? Go to:

The University of Southern California, Digital Collections, has several Los Angeles Examiner newspaper photos of Boyd in 1951 at a department store and at the opening of Hoppyland:

There's a great photo of Boyd and Grace having dinner on the SS United States luxury liner at Joe Rota's Gallery website. Scroll about two-thirds the way down on this webpage:

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on William Boyd, Harry Sherman, James Ellison, Russell Hayden, Gabby Hayes, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, and the other players.  Click below on:

William Boyd:
Harry 'Pop' Sherman:
James Ellison:
Russell Hayden:
Andy Clyde:
George 'Gabby' Hayes:
Rand Brooks:
Brad King:
Jimmy Rogers:
George Reeves:
William 'Stage' Boyd (the actor who was involved in the scandal that almost ruined William Boyd's career):

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