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(Courtesy of Ed Phillips)

 In the center of the above cast and crew still are Carey and Olive Golden, who would become Mrs. Carey around 1920.  The looped rope around the group confirms this as LOVE'S LARIAT (Bluebird/Universal, 1916) which was produced by Carey and directed by George Marshall.

The back side of the photo identifies the picture as Harry Carey and his western company.

On Horseback from L-to-R are: 1 - William 'Bill' Gillis, 2 - Pedro Leon (Leone?), 3 - unknown, 4 - Tom Grimes, 5 - unknown, 6 - unknown, 7 - unknown, 8 - unknown, 9 - Pedro Clemento (Mexican rodeo star)

Standing from L-to-R are: 1 - Al Christie, 2 - unknown, 3 - Lynn Reynolds, 4 - Harry Carey, 5 - Olive Fuller Golden (Carey), 6 - George Marshall, 7 - unknown, 8 - Neal Hart, 9 - Joe Rickson

Seated/kneeling in front row from L-to-R are: 1 - Bud Osborne (with rope), 2 - unknown

Al Christie and Lynn Reynolds were Universal production folks.  George Marshall spent about 60 years doing films in Hollywood, and one of his A grade westerns was the Jimmy Stewart version of DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (Universal, 1939).

(From Old Corral collection)

Above - Harry and Sonny in a publicity still from POWDERSMOKE RANGE (RKO, 1935). (Carey is wearing the same shirt and vest shown in the earlier POWDERSMOKE RANGE still - click HERE.)

(Courtesy of Boyd Magers)

Above is a crop from a lobby card for ACES WILD (Commodore, 1936) and note the billing for "and Sonny (The Marvel Horse)". Boyd Magers adds: although the horse is billed as 'Sonny', Harry Carey, Jr. told me the horse's name was really Sunny.  He died at John Ford's Photo Farm in '51 at age 28.

Above - Harry Carey, Jr., nicknamed 'Dobe'. He passed away on December 27 2012.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Les Adams adds: This above photo is shown on page 599 in Shoot-Em-Ups. When we used this still, we had no info on it.  It was nearly twenty years later, while visiting with 'Dobe' Carey in his home in Colorado, that I was made aware of the significance of it. Carey picked up the book, flipped to page 599 and asked if I knew who the baby was. When I said I had no idea, he picked up one of several family albums and showed me that still and about three other nearly identical ones and said it was him. I think there was also one he had that showed Harry Sr. and his mother, Olive, standing and holding him that was taken on the set of this film.


  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Harry Carey, Olive Carey and Harry Carey, Jr.  Click below:

          Harry Carey, Sr.:
          Harry Carey, Jr.:
          Olive Carey:

The Internet Broadway Database has Carey in three New York plays during the years 1940 - 1944:

The official website for Harry Carey, Jr. is at:

The Santa Clarita Valley History website has dozens of photos of Carey, wife Olive and others at their Saugus, California ranch:
Writeup on Carey and his three marriages:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science (AMPAS) has a database on Oscar winners and nominees.  Carey was up for a Best Supporting Actor award in 1939 for MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON.  But Thomas Mitchell won the Oscar for his role in STAGECOACH. You can search the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) database for the Oscars award at:

Some of Harry Senior's silent and sound films are available to stream and download from YouTube. A few links below to get you started:
PRAIRIE PIRATE (Hunt Stromberg Prod, 1925):
BUCKING BROADWAY (Universal, 1917; directed by John Ford):
THE THUNDERING HERD (Universal, 1933; alternate title of BUFFALO STAMPEDE):

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