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The Golden Boot Awards
1983 - 2007

(Courtesy of Andy Southard)

From L-to-R are Andy Southard's wife Patty, Iron Eyes Cody, Fred Scott and Andy at the 4th Annual Golden Boot awards, August 15, 1986, held at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel, Woodland Hills, California.

Iron Eyes Cody received his Golden Boot in 1984 and Fred Scott received his award in 1988.

(Courtesy of Andy Southard)

Above - at the third annual Golden Boot Awards program in 1985, Roy Rogers presented a Golden Boot to friend and stuntman Joe Yrigoyen (1910-1996). Yrigoyen began his Hollywood career doing stunts in early 1930s Mascot serials and worked for many years at Republic in westerns starring Roy, Bill Elliott, others. He continued doubling and stunting in TV series such as ZORRO, BONANZA, DAVY CROCKETT, more. And he also did a lot of movie stuntwork in A grade films such as the chariot race in BEN HUR. Joe's brother Bill Yrigoyen was also a great stuntman and did a lot of work at Republic Pictures.

(Courtesy of Andy Southard)

Above - singing cowboy Fred Scott with film producer Nat Levine, taken at the Golden Boot Awards at the Equestrian Center in 1987. Levine is best remembered as the boss/owner of Mascot Pictures, where he churned out serials such as THE MIRACLE RIDER with Tom Mix, THE PHANTOM EMPIRE with Gene Autry, and MYSTERY MOUNTAIN with Ken Maynard. Levine was awarded the Golden Boot in 1983 and Scott received his Gold Boot in 1988.

(Courtesy of the Motion Picture & Television Fund)
In 1989, producer Paul Malvern received his Golden Boot award.

Malvern was in charge of the 1930s "Lone Star" westerns which starred John Wayne. In the mid 1930s, Malvern took his production company to Universal ... and Wayne followed along where he did some non-westerns.

On the right are Charles Bronson and Ancel Cook at the 1995 Golden Boot Awards.

Bronson received his Golden Boot at the 1996 ceremonies.

(Courtesy of Ancel Cook)

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