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Thanks to Jerry Gross for this image.

This photo is backstage at the Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, California, 1941. Johnny Mack Brown did a speech and presented an award to George Marshall, commemorating his fifteen years of directing. The people in the photo are:

L-R in the back row: Eddie Polo, UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN (see Footnote 1), William Desmond, Lane Chandler, John Wayne, Leo Carrillo, director George Marshall, Johnny Mack Brown, Tim McCoy, Yakima Canutt, Nell O'Day, Montie Montana and Kermit Maynard.

L-R in the front row (kneeling) are: GLENN TRYON (see Footnote 2), Buck Jones, Bill Elliott, Russell Hayden, Jimmy Rogers, Big Boy Williams and western author Will James.

Footnote 1: the above group photo has been published a number of times over the years, and quite often, the unidentified woman between Eddie Polo and William Desmond is listed as Columbia heroine Iris Meredith. It's not Iris. Several folks have suggested it may be Pat Starling. See photos of Iris Meredith and Pat Starling below. Can anyone identify the cowgal in the Pantages Theater photo above?

Footnote 2: Glenn Tryon has also been listed as the bottom left kneeling person next to Buck Jones. I have received a couple e-mails advising that this is not Glenn Tryon.

Glenn Tryon was the father of the late movie star and author Tom Tryon (1926-1991). Tom Tryon was the star of Disney's "Texas John Slaughter" western series. And he was the alien husband to Gloria Talbott in I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE (1958). He also wrote several novels, including the best seller The Other.

Les Adams added some additional info: at the time of this photo, Glenn Tryon was serving as Associate Producer for a Hal Roach series that was just starting with Jimmy Rogers and Noah Beery, Jr., so I guess Tryon and Rogers came together. Tryon did have that function on some Universal pictures later, but no westerns.

Above - Pat Starling circa 1948.
Above - Iris Meredith

(Image courtesy of Jack Tillmany)
On the left is a studio publicity still from 1941 of Glenn Tryon. Has the same moustache, curly locks, longish ears, and greying at the temples as our guy in the Pantages Theater group shot. Maybe it is Glenn Tryon.

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