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Above is another great photo from Ed Phillips, and the caption on the back reads:

"This is not publicity stuff! Motion picture people in Hollywood are too busy following their profession to stop and assume their street clothes when they "go off the lot" to transact business at the banks or other centers of trade. They often go "as is". Here is one instance. They are all Hollywood stars, lined up at the Savings window of the Hollywood Agency of the First National Bank of Los Angeles of which M F Palmer is the manager. They are, reading from left to right, Jack Hoxie, Pat O'Malley, Raymond Keane, Marion Nixon and Mary Philbin."

In this photo from Ed Phillips, The fellow with the six-shooter and wearing the vest is Buddy Roosevelt. The guy in the center, in black with that big moustache, looks like prolific performer Hank Bell.  Picture title and date is unknown, but probably one of Roosevelt's silents.

Hans Wollstein provides the following info on the above photo: "I have a hunch that the Roosevelt photo with Hank Bell is from FAST FIGHTIN' (1925). If so, the blond girl is Nell Brantley, the brunette to the right Emily Barrye -- and isn't that good ole Joe Rickson biting the dust? According to my file, Bell played a townsman in this film."

Photo from Ed Phillips, and the caption on the back reads:

Mar 18, 1919 - Hart Street - Hollywood, Cal. Taken during "Square Deal Sanderson".
Mounted - "Hippy" - Fat Jones - White Horse - Whitmore - McLoughlen - Pete Martin.
On Foot - Lloyd Bacon - Bert Rollins - Tommy O'Brien - Slim Riley - William S Hart
Horse is Brownie

Got an e-mail from Lucille Rollins Janssen who writes: "... that Bert Rollins listed in the photo with Bill Hart in "Square Deal Saunderson" is my grandfather. He worked for Hart many years and went with him to Billings, Montana to the unveiling of Harts' bronze. I have the chaps that my grandfather is wearing in that photo. He also was with the Buffalo Bill Cody Show as a bucking horse rider and sharp shooter and my grandmother was a dancer with both the Cody Show and prior Pawnee Bill Show. They lived and worked on the Cody's Rest Ranch for awhile."

There are 6 men on horseback, and the caption notes that the second from the left is Fat Jones, and a crop is shown on the left ... this is probably THE Fat Jones who owned that horse training and rental stable which was used by the Hollywood studios.  Les Adams adds that Fat Jones was Ben Johnson's father-in-law.

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