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Who's That Face ...
inquiring minds want to know!

Who are these two henchmen in THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (Mascot, 1935) serial?

Below are screen captures of two faces - these guys are henchmen working for Professor Beetson (J. Frank Glendon) in the Gene Autry serial, THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (Mascot, 1935). Both guys are shot by Beetson in Chapter 12.

Here's "Professor Beetson" and his minions who are trying to halt Gene's daily radio show broadcast so they can take over the ranch. From left to right are unidentified, Jack Carlyle (as "Saunders"), J. Frank Glendon (as "Professor Beetson"), Edward Peil (as "Cooper"), and our unidentified man in black. Screen capture from Chapter 5.

Left to right are Edward Peil (wearing glasses), our two unidentifieds, and J. Frank Glendon. Screen capture from Chapter 1.

Above - better image showing our "man in black henchie" in a screen capture from Chapter 1.

October, 2017: thanks to Jesse Brisson for identifying our guy in black as Mack Sennett and Hal Roach alumnus Arthur 'Art' Rowlands (1897? - 1944).

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