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(Courtesy of Charlie Chambers)

(Courtesy of Les Adams)
 Barry played dual roles in three of his westerns:

TWO GUN SHERIFF (Republic, 1941)
GUNFIRE (Lippert, 1950)

TWO GUN SHERIFF was released in April, 1941 and was the first of sixteen oaters that Lynn Merrick did with Don Barry at Republic Pictures.

Don Barry's 30 STARRING WESTERNS for Republic Pictures
29 features and 1 serial released 1940 - 1944
Date Title Director Leading Lady Barry Sidekick Barry Role
1940 GHOST VALLEY RAIDERSGeorge Sherman Lona Andre - Tim Brandon / Tolusa Kid
1940 THE ADVENTURES OF RED RYDER (Serial)John English & William Witney Vivian Coe (Vivian Austin) Tommy Cook (as Little Beaver) Red Ryder
1940 ONE MAN'S LAWGeorge Sherman Janet Waldo Dub Taylor Jack Summers
1940 THE TULSA KIDGeorge Sherman Luana Walters - Tom Benton
1940 FRONTIER VENGEANCENate Watt Betty Moran - Jim Sanders
1940 TEXAS TERRORSGeorge Sherman Julie Duncan Al St. John Bob Millbourne / Robert Mills
1941 WYOMING WILDCAT George Sherman Julie Duncan Syd Saylor Bill Gannon
1941 THE PHANTOM COWBOYGeorge Sherman Virginia Carroll - Jim Lawrence
1941 TWO GUN SHERIFFGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick - Dual role: Jim McKinnon, the Sundown Kid / Bruce McKinnon
1941 DESERT BANDITGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick - Bob Crandall
1941 KANSAS CYCLONEGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick - Jim Randall
1941 THE APACHE KID George Sherman Lynn Merrick Al St. John Pete Dawson
1941 DEATH VALLEY OUTLAWSGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick - Johnny Edwards
1941 A MISSOURI OUTLAWGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick Al St. John Cliff Dixon
1942 ARIZONA TERRORSGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick Al St. John Jim Bradley
1942 STAGECOACH EXPRESSGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick Al St. John Dave Gregory
1942 JESSE JAMES, JR. (aka SUNDOWN FURY)George Sherman Lynn Merrick Al St. John Johnny Barrett
1942 CYCLONE KIDGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick Lloyd 'Arkansas Slim' Andrews Johnny Dawson aka Cyclone Kid
1942 THE SOMBRERO KIDGeorge Sherman Lynn Merrick Lloyd 'Arkansas Slim' Andrews Jerry Holden / Jerry Clancy
1942 OUTLAWS OF PINE RIDGEWilliam Witney Lynn Merrick Emmett Lynn Chips Barrett
1942 SUNDOWN KIDElmer Clifton Melinda/Linda Leighton (Linda Johnson) Emmett Lynn Red Tracy aka Brennan
1943 DEAD MAN'S GULCHJohn English Lynn Merrick Emmett Lynn Tennessee Colby
1943 CARSON CITY CYCLONEHoward Bretherton Lynn Merrick Emmett Lynn Gilbert Phalen
1943 DAYS OF OLD CHEYENNEElmer Clifton Lynn Merrick Emmett Lynn Clint Ross
1943 FUGITIVE FROM SONORAHoward Bretherton Lynn Merrick Wally Vernon Dual role: Parson Dave Winters / Ted Winters alias Keeno Phillips
1943 BLACK HILLS EXPRESSJohn English Ariel Heath Wally Vernon Lon Walker
1943 THE MAN FROM THE RIO GRANDEHoward Bretherton Nancy Gay Wally Vernon & Twinkle Watts Lee Grant
1943 CANYON CITYSpencer Gordon Bennet Helen Talbot Wally Vernon & Twinkle Watts Nevada Kid
1943 CALIFORNIA JOESpencer Gordon Bennet Helen Talbot Wally Vernon & Twinkle Watts Lieutenant Joe Weldon
1944 OUTLAWS OF SANTA FEHoward Bretherton Helen Talbot Wally Vernon & Twinkle Watts Bob Conroy, aka Bob Hackett

(Courtesy of Les Adams)
From L-to-R are Milton Kibbee, Barry with the badge and a pair of stag-handled six-shooters, and Fred 'Snowflake' Toones in a crop from a lobby card from TWO-GUN SHERIFF (Republic, 1941), one of the films in which Barry had a dual role.

Milt Kibbee's brother was Hollywood actor Guy Kibbee.

Republic "GUEST STAR" roles for Don Barry
Date Title Star Director Leading Lady
1945 BELLS OF ROSARITARoy Rogers Frank McDonald Dale Evans
1946 OUT CALIFORNIA WAYMonte Hale Lesley Selander Lorna Gray/Adrian Booth

Barry's did a guest star role in the Roy Rogers 'All-Star' western, BELLS OF ROSARITA (Republic, 1945), and this occurred over a year after his Republic series had ended.

From L-to-R standing in the top row are Wild Bill Elliott, Allan Lane and Sunset Carson. From L-to-R kneeling are Bob Livingston (laughing), Roy Rogers, Don Barry and Dale Evans.

(From Old Corral collection)

Don Barry's later STARRING WESTERNS for Screen Guild/Lippert, et al
Date Title Company Director Leading Lady Barry Role
1949 THE DALTON GANG (aka OUTLAW GANG) Ron Ormond/Lippert Ford Beebe Betty Adams (Julie Adams) Marshal Larry West posing as Rusty Stevens
1949 RED DESERT Ron Ormond/Lippert Ford Beebe Margia Dean Pecos Jones
1949 TOUGH ASSIGNMENT Barry Production for Lippert William Beaudine Marjorie Steele Don Reilly
1949 SQUARE DANCE JUBILEE Barry Production for Lippert Paul Landres Mary Beth Hughes Don Blake
1950 I SHOT BILLY THE KID Barry Production for Lippert William Berke Wendy Lee William H. Bonney / Billy the Kid
1950 GUNFIRE Barry Production for Lippert William Berke Pamela Blake Dual role: Frank James & Bat Fenton
1950 TRAIN TO TOMBSTONE Barry Production for Lippert William Berke Judith Allen Len Howard
1950 BORDER RANGERS Lippert William Berke Pamela Blake Bob Standish aka Rio Kid
1954 JESSE JAMES' WOMEN Panorama/United Artists Don Barry Peggie Castle
Lita Baron
Jesse James alias J. Woodsen

(From Old Corral collection)
Left is an ad cut from the exhibitors pressbook kit for TRAIN TO TOMBSTONE (1950), a Donald Barry Production for Lippert, which included Robert Lowery and Wally Vernon in the cast.

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