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2003-2004 Awards and Honors to JMB and Family

At the 22nd Annual Golden Boot Awards ceremony on August 7, 2004, a Golden Boot was given to Johnny Mack Brown. Accepting the award were JMB's daughter and son, Cynthia Brown Hale and Lachlan 'Locky' Brown (photo left). Their acceptance comments are below.

Lachlan 'Locky' Brown:

"Good evening. I am Locky Brown and I am very pleased to be here with you this evening to recognize and honor my father John Mack Brown.

I know this recognition of his career would gratify him greatly as so much emphasis has previously been placed on his collegiate football career with his induction into the National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame, State of Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Helms Athletic Hall of Fame and in 2000 the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame. Most recently, in March of this year, dad was inducted into the Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame. So you can see that this Golden Boot recognition of his lifetime effort in films, more specifically western films, which brought him to the attention of the American as well as worldwide general public, would please him greatly, as it does his family.

Now, since this is a family occasion, I'd like to present my sister Cynthia, who was the real ham in our family while we were growing up. But before doing that, I'd like to mention my two other sisters who would loved to have been here this evening. Unfortunately my older sister Jane is no longer with us and my youngest sister Sally lives with her family in Norway. This is an occasion they both would have cherished.

But Cynthia is here. She was the extrovert. Dad had a western suit, hat, boots, a whole identical outfit similar to his tailored for her at about the age of seven for publicity shoots which she loved doing and did for several years. Now I'd like to introduce Cynthia to say a few words."

Cynthia Brown Hale:

"I would just like to add that this September 1st would have been Dadís 100th birthday, so receiving The Golden Boot Award is especially meaningful to the Brown Family, and we thank The Golden Boot Committee for this recognition.

As Locky mentioned, Dad got his first taste of fame during his football years at the University of Alabama. The Rose Bowl game of 1926 that he played in, is still today considered one of the most important games in Alabama and Rose Bowl history.

At MGM, Dad became a leading man to Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo, Mae West, Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and later with lovely ladies such as Lois Hall, Noel Neill, and Gale Storm, who are also being honored here tonight.

When Dad made Billy the Kid in 1930, it seemed to be a turning point in his career, from a leading man to the All-American Western Cowboy hero.

Dad made movies for a variety of studios, but the movies he made at Universal were considered his best. After his contract was up he moved on to Monogram, where he made 6 to 8 movies per year. In all, he made 168 movies, and out of those 129 were Westerns.

Dad passed away in 1974, 30 years ago, but he still had a pretty good past year. He was honored at Jim Robertís Round-up last August at the Sportsmanís Lodge, he was inducted into the First World Gun Spinners Hall of Fame last September, and as my brother mentioned, we were privileged to receive The State of Alabamaís Stage and Screen Hall of Fame Award for Him this past March. Now tonight he has received a gift, the coveted Golden Boot Award, and we are thrilled and just want to shout 'Congratulations and Happy Birthday Dad! We Love you!' "

Above, Cynthia in her western outfit with her Dad and trusty steed Rebel

Above are Cynthia and Locky at the March 13, 2004 Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame awards program at Shelton State Community College and the awards program was in conjunction with Theater Tuscaloosa. Locky is holding the proclamation from the Mayor of Tuscaloosa proclaiming March 13, 2004 as "Johnny Mack Brown and Brett Butler Day". The photo above right is the 2004 Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame Award to Johnny Mack Brown. The website for the Alabama Stage and Screen Hall of Fame is

Johnny Mack Brown was inducted into the World Cowboy Gunspinning Hall of Fame during ceremonies conducted September 21, 2003, at the World Cowboy Gunspinning Championships held at the Spirit of the West Festival in Sioux Falls, SD.

Along with JMB, others inducted into the Hall of Fame were:
Jim Martin of Cave Creek, AZ
Joe Bowman of Houston, TX
Tom Wentz of Red Lodge, MT
Frank Calabrese of Yonkers, NY
Mark Allen of Las Vegas, NV

The annual "Jim Roberts Round-up" is held on the Friday night prior to the Golden Boot Awards.

At the "Jim Roberts Round-up" event on August 8, 2003, a plaque honoring Johnny Mack Brown was presented and placed in the Sportsman's Lodge "Wall of Fame".

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