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(Courtesy of Ed Tabor)

The headline "Big Boy Williams Dies Of Poisoning" is really misleading. Big died from uremic poisoning which relates to renal/kidney failure.

MGM star Jean Harlow died from the same condition.

Note that the obituary incorrectly identifies COMANCHE (with John Wayne) as Big Boy's last movie role - the correct film title is THE COMANCHEROS (20th Century Fox, 1961).

 Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams Filmography
Sound films only
Westerns and Serials only
Starring westerns are in blue, serials are in red
Special thanks to Les Adams for providing this filmography

Title Company Director Star Williams
9/14/30 BAD MAN, THE Warners Clarence Badger Walter Huston Red Giddings
1/24/31 GREAT MEADOW, THE M-G-M Charles Brabin Johnny Mack Brown Rubin Hall
9/30/32 HERITAGE OF THE DESERT Paramount Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott Henchman Lefty
8/25/33 MAN OF THE FOREST Paramount Henry Hathaway Randolph Scott Big Casino
12/22/33 MYSTERY SQUADRON, THE (Serial) Mascot Colbert Clark and David Howard Bob Steele Bill "Jellybean" Cook
11/18/34 THUNDER OVER TEXAS Beacon/
John Warner (Edgar G. Ulmer) Big Boy Williams Ted Wright
12/1/34 COWBOY HOLIDAY Beacon/
Bob Hill Big Boy Williams Buck Sawyer
1/5/35 BIG BOY RIDES AGAIN Beacon/
Al Herman Big Boy Williams Tom Duncan
8/3/35 DANGER TRAILS Beacon/
Bob Hill Big Boy Williams Bob Wilson
9/27/35 POWDERSMOKE RANGE RKO Radio Wallace Fox Harry Carey Lullaby Joslin
12/1/35 GUN PLAY Beacon/
Al Herman Big Boy Williams Bill Williams
12/27/35 LAW OF THE 45's, THE Normandy/
John (J. P.) McCarthy Big Boy Williams Tucson "Two Gun" Smith
10/1/36 VIGILANTES ARE COMING, THE (Serial) Republic Mack V. Wright and Ray Taylor Bob Livingston Salvation
10/31/36 END OF THE TRAIL Columbia Erle C. Kenton Jack Holt Bob Hilbredth
11/15/37 NORTH OF NOME Columbia William Nigh Jack Holt Haage
11/26/37 BAD MAN OF BRIMSTONE, THE M-G-M J. Walter Ruben Wallace Beery Vulch McCreedy
4/8/39 DODGE CITY Warners Michael Curtiz Errol Flynn Tex Baird
8/28/39 BAD LANDS RKO Radio Lew Landers Robert Barrat Billy Sweet
3/23/40 VIRGINIA CITY Warners Michael Curtiz Errol Flynn Marblehead
6/19/40 WAGONS WESTWARD Republic Lew Landers Chester Morris Deputy Jake Hardman
12/28/40 SANTA FE TRAIL Warners Michael Curtiz Errol Flynn Tex Bell
5/30/41 BILLY THE KID M-G-M David Miller Robert Taylor Blacksmith Ed Bronson
7/1/41 RIDERS OF DEATH VALLEY (Serial) Universal Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor Dick Foran Borax Bill
11/13/42 SILVER QUEEN United Artists Lloyd Bacon George Brent Blackie
12/11/42 AMERICAN EMPIRE United Artists William McGann Richard Dix Sailaway
5/25/43 DESPERADOES, THE Columbia Charles Vidor Randolph Scott Nitro Rankin
1/5/44 HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER Republic Joseph Kane Roy Rogers Teddy Bear
2/8/44 COWBOY CANTEEN Columbia Lew Landers Charles Starrett Spud Harrigan
5/12/44 COWBOY AND THE SENORITA, THE Republic Joseph Kane Roy Rogers Teddy Bear
7/31/44 SWING IN THE SADDLE Columbia Lew Landers Jane Frazee Tiny Baldwin
12/25/44 NEVADA RKO Radio Edward Killy Robert Mitchum Dusty
12/26/44 BELLE OF THE YUKON RKO Radio William A. Seiter Randolph Scott Marshal Maitland
2/8/45 SING ME A SONG OF TEXAS Columbia Vernon Keays Tom Tyler Big Boy
9/7/45 RHYTHM ROUND-UP Columbia Vernon Keays Ken Curtis Zeke Winslow
9/27/45 SONG OF THE PRAIRIE Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy Jackson
3/14/46 THROW A SADDLE ON A STAR Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy
5/16/46 THAT TEXAS JAMBOREE Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy Frazer
7/18/46 COWBOY BLUES Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy Stover
9/2/46 SINGING ON THE TRAIL Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy Webster
12/26/46 SINGIN' IN THE CORN Columbia Del Lord Judy Canova Hank
2/13/47 OVER THE SANTA FE TRAIL Columbia Ray Nazarro Ken Curtis Big Boy Jackson
3/29/47 KING OF THE WILD HORSES Columbia George Archainbaud Preston Foster Jed Acker
8/21/47 SMOKY RIVER SERENADE Columbia Derwin Abrahams Ruth Terry Wagon Wheel
10/16/48 STATION WEST RKO Radio Sidney Lanfield Dick Powell Mick Marion
12/16/48 SMOKY MOUNTAIN MELODY Columbia Ray Nazarro Roy Acuff Saddle Grease
1/22/49 BAD MEN OF TOMBSTONE Allied Artists Kurt Neumann Barry Sullivan Red
8/15/49 BRIMSTONE Republic Joseph Kane Rod Cameron Deputy Art Benson
6/1/50 HOEDOWN Columbia Ray Nazarro Eddy Arnold Small Potatos
11/11/50 ROCKY MOUNTAIN Warners William Keighley Errol Flynn Pap Dennison
1/17/51 AL JENNINGS OF OKLAHOMA Columbia Ray Nazarro Dan Duryea Lon Tuttle
12/2/51 MAN IN THE SADDLE Columbia Andre de Toth Randolph Scott Bourke Prine
10/25/52 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE Warners Andre de Toth Gary Cooper Sergeant Snow
11/15/52 HANGMAN'S KNOT Warners Roy Huggins Randolph Scott Smitty
4/25/54 SOUTHWEST PASSAGE United Artists Ray Nazarro Rod Cameron Tall Tale
5/1/54 MASSACRE CANYON Columbia Fred F. Sears Phil Carey Peaceful
11/1/54 OUTLAW'S DAUGHTER, THE 20th-Fox Wesley Barry Jim Davis Deputy Moose
1/30/56 HIDDEN GUNS Republic Albert C. Gannaway Bruce Bennett "Fiddler"
10/30/56 MAN FROM DEL RIO United Artists Harry Horner Anthony Quinn Fred Jasper
9/20/57 HIRED GUN, THE M-G-M Ray Nazarro Rory Calhoun Elby Kirby
8/1/60 FIVE BOLD WOMEN Citation Films Jorge Lopez-Portillo Jeff Morrow Big Foot
10/24/60 ALAMO, THE United Artists John Wayne John Wayne Lieutenant Finn
10/30/61 COMANCHEROS, THE 20th-Fox Michael Curtiz John Wayne Ed McBain

You may want to go to the In Search Of ... page on the Old Corral.  The California Death Index has a record on Guinn Williams who was born 4/26/1901 and passed away on 6/6/1962.

Les Adams has Williams identified in about 140 sound films - of these, about 60 are westerns and chapterplays, and the titles are in the above filmography. Les adds some trivia about Williams' filmwork:

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above is a LAW OF THE 45's lobby card from the re-release of that film by Sack Amusement Enterprises, and Big Boy still has that neck lock on Martin Garralaga.  Al Sack was the boss of this Dallas-based company which is probably best remembered for the Herb Jeffries oaters.  The round Sack logo is near the hoss.  And note the double "the the" in the title.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above, a photo of a lobby card showing Williams with a neck lock on Martin Garralaga.  Was a 'Normandy Picture' and this lobby card image is from the original release.

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Williams:

The Handbook of Texas Online is a project of the Texas State Historical Association, and the website has a bio on 'Big Boy' Williams and his father, Guinn Terrell Williams:
Guinn (Big Boy) Williams, Jr.:
Guinn Terrell Williams:

Find A Grave website has a picture of the grave marker for Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams Jr. at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California:

Find A Grave website also has a picture of the grave marker for Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams' father, Guinn Terrell Williams (1871-1948) at the Oak Lawn Cemetary, Decatur, Texas.  The senior Williams was a member of the Texas Senate and a US Representative to Congress circa 1920s-early 1930s:

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