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The image above is of Art Mix from a 1928 newspaper announcement about him doing a three day stage show and personal appearance at a theater. That face isn't George Kesterson or Adamson / Dixon. And the hat is defintely not the style that Kesterson wore. Could this be that rodeo/circus performer named "Bob Roberts"? Is this the Art Mix that had his own Art Mix Circus and worked for other big tops in the 1930s and later?

Above is a 1926 theater advertisement for the Art Mix Production of LIGHTING RANGE starring Bob Roberts and Dorothy Lee. In addition to LIGHTNING misspelled as LIGHTING, I find no mention of this film in the IMDb, the AFI Silent films listing, etc. Also on the bill was THE WINKING IDOL (Universal, 1926), a cliffhanger starring William Desmond and Eileen Sedgwick, and helmed by Francis Ford, the brother of director John Ford.

On the left is a blowup/crop of the "circus Art Mix" from the photo below.

Is he the same person as pictured in that 1928 personal appearance newspaper image shown above? And could this "circus Art Mix" be "Bob Roberts"? The hat style matches.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above is a photo of the "circus Art Mix" and the notation on the bottom edge indicates 1939 with the Cole Bros. Circus. I acquired this photo from an eBay seller in January, 2012.

(Courtesy of Richard Harrison)

Above is the pressbook cover for THE BANDIT CHASER (Art Mix Productions, 1928) from Dwain A. Esper's Hollywood Producers and Distributors company. Around the same time, Adamson created DESERT VULTURES and SAGEBRUSH POLITICS. There's a bit more on Dwain Esper and Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon at the Classic Horror Film Board:

(Image courtesy of Jay Wilsey's granddaughter and
daughter, Tamera Mankini and Frances Eldene Wolski)

Above is a cast and crew shot from LIGHTNING BILL (Superior, 1934), one of the ultra low budget oaters churned out by Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon. In the background is the National Recording Co. sound truck. Most of the crew members are unidentified, but the performers include Nelson McDowell, Eva McKenzie, William 'Bill' McCall, heroine Alma Rayford, Jay Wilsey (Buffalo Bill Jr.), Denver Dixon (Victor Adamson), Bud Osborne and Black Jack Ward. Below is a crop/blowup from that cast and crew shot with names added on some of the faces.

Tidbit about Eva McKenzie (upper left in the photo): her husband Bob McKenzie did a bunch of westerns, and their pretty daughter Fay McKenzie was a heroine to Bob Baker, Ken Maynard, others. To western film fans, Fay is probably best remembered as the female lead in five 1941 - 1942 Gene Autry Republic oaters.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above is a photo of the title lobby card for THE RAWHIDE TERROR (Security, 1934). Note the "Victor Adamson Presents an Art Mix Production", and a photo of Adamson / Dixon is shown in the upper left. Edmund Cobb (shown center) was kinda the star, even though he's listed second below William (Bill) Desmond. Also acting as the hero was George Kesterson/Art Mix but he kinda disappears. Bill Patton (moustached, wearing dark shirt, gloves, jacket) is to the left of heroine Frances Morris. In the upper right is William Barrymore (Boris Bullock) as the "Rawhide Terror". Scuttlebutt was that THE RAWHIDE TERROR was originally planned as a serial, but never came to fruition. Thus, when Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon slapped this together as a feature, continuity and logic were lost.

Below is a screen capture from the opening titles. Adamson gets credit for the story and producer functions. Note the two directors and two cameramen which confirms that two separate units were working on the film. This was a common occurrence in cliffhanger productions - one unit would shoot the main players and dialog while the 'second unit' cared for stunts, action sequences, riding scenes, exterior location shots with doubles, etc.

Above are screen captures of William Barrymore (Boris Bullock) in his guise as the "Rawhide Terror". Leave it to Adamson to pioneer a villain wearing an early version of Hannibal Lecter's mask.

The Productions of Albert Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon
SOUND films only
Includes westerns and later films
Does NOT include Adamson / Dixon's bit and supporting roles in scores of westerns
Special thanks to Les Adams for providing this filmography

Date Title Company Star Adamson function
2/16/30 SAGEBRUSH POLITICS Hollywood Pictures Art Mix (Denver Dixon) Producer-Director-Story - Art Mix
1/1/33 FIGHTING COWBOY, THE Superior Buffalo Bill, Jr. Producer-Director - Bit role
9/2/33 CIRCLE CANYON Superior Buddy Roosevelt Producer-Director-Screenplay - Henchman role
12/1/33 LIGHTNING RANGE Superior Buddy Roosevelt Producer-Director - Cowhand role
1/1/34 LIGHTNING BILL Superior Buffalo Bill, Jr. Producer-Director - Henchman role
1/5/34 ADVENTURES OF TEXAS JACK, THE Security Wally Wales Producer-Director-Story - "Blister Sanderson"
2/1/34 PECOS DANDY, THE (Lost/missing western) Security George J. Lewis Producer - Henchman role
3/1/34 BOSS COWBOY Superior Buddy Roosevelt Producer-Director - Bit role
3/2/34 RAWHIDE ROMANCE Superior Buffalo Bill, Jr. Producer-Director - Henchman role
4/1/34 RIDING SPEED Superior Buffalo Bill, Jr. Producer - Henchman role
7/1/34 RANGE RIDERS Superior Buddy Roosevelt Producer-Director - Henchman role
12/1/34 RAWHIDE TERROR, THE Security Edmund Cobb Producer-Story - Townsman role
1/2/35 DESERT MESA Security Tom Wynn/Wynne (Wally West) Producer- Art James
8/1/35 ARIZONA TRAILS Superior Bill Patton Producer - Director (as Al James) - "Shorty" role
8/ /39 MORMON CONQUEST (Lost/missing western) Security Tom Wynn/Wynne (Wally West) Producer- Victor Adamson
8/16/39 ROLL, WAGONS, ROLL Monogram Tex Ritter Co-Story/Screenplay - Henchman role
5/1/61 HALF-WAY TO HELL IIP Al Adamson Executive Producer - Bit role
6/1/69 SATAN'S SADISTS IIP Russ Tamblyn Assistant Director- Bit role
1/1/70 FIVE BLOODY GRAVES IIP Robert Dix Rawhide

Can't remember Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon and Art Mix / George Kesterson in their later years doing bit and support roles? Below are a couple of examples:

Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from left to right are Eddie Phillips, Albert Victor Adamson (now billing himself as Denver Dixon), hero Bob Custer, John Elliott and Jack Evans (on the receiving end of Custer's punch) in a scene from AMBUSH VALLEY (Reliable, 1936).

Art Mix / George Kesterson

(Courtesy of Ed Phillips)

Above are Charles Starrett and the short and balding Art Mix (George Kesterson) sluggin' it out in Starrett's OUTLAWS OF THE PRAIRIE (Columbia, 1937).

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