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Floyd Taliaferro Alderson becomes "Wally Wales", the "Cowboy Prince", in silent oaters for Lester F. Scott Jr.'s Action Pictures.

 Wally Wales
SILENT starring films for Action Pictures.
Most are among the lost / missing / unavailable.

Year Title Leading Lady Director
1925 TEARIN' LOOSE Jean Arthur Richard Thorpe
1925 THE HURRICANE HORSEMAN Jean Arthur Robert Eddy
1925 GALLOPING ON Jessie Cruzon Richard Thorpe
1926 VANISHING HOOFS Alma Rayford J. P. McCarthy
1926 ACE OF ACTION Alma Rayford William Bertram
1926 DOUBLE DARING Jean Arthur Richard Thorpe
1926 TWISTED TRIGGERS Jean Arthur Richard Thorpe
1926 THE FIGHTING CHEAT Jean Arthur Richard Thorpe
1927 RIDING RIVALS (see footnote) Jean Arthur Richard Thorpe
1927 CYCLONE COWBOY Violet Bird Richard Thorpe
1927 TEARIN' INTO TROUBLE Olive Hasbrouck Richard Thorpe
1927 MEDDLIN' STRANGER Nola Luxford Richard Thorpe
1927 SKEDADDLE GOLD Betty Baker Richard Thorpe
1927 WHITE PEBBLES Olive Hasbrouck Richard Thorpe
1927 SODA WATER COWBOY Beryl Roberts Richard Thorpe
1927 THE DESERT OF THE LOST Peggy Montgomery Richard Thorpe
1928 DESPERATE COURAGE Olive Hasbrouck Richard Thorpe
1928 SADDLE MATES Peggy Montgomery Richard Thorpe
1928 FLYING BUCKAROO Duane Thompson Richard Thorpe
Richard Thorpe (1896 - 1991) helmed most of the Wales films as well as many of the Buffalo Bill Jr. and Buddy Roosevelt silents for Lester F. Scott's Action Pictures. Thorpe spent most of his later years at MGM directing many Tarzan films, spectacles such as IVANHOE (MGM, 1952) with Robert Taylor, Mario Lanza in THE GREAT CARUSO (MGM, 1951), and Elvis Presley in JAILHOUSE ROCK (MGM, 1957) and FUN IN ACAPULCO (MGM, 1963). Thorpe was the director on Judy Garland's THE WIZARD OF OZ ... but was replaced by George Cukor ... who was replaced by Victor Fleming.

Also on Lester F. Scott's payroll was future A film actress Jean Arthur. She was the leading lady in six of the Wales silents, four with Buffalo Bill, Jr., and a couple with Buddy Roosevelt.

Footnote: some sources list RIDING RIVALS / RIDIN' RIVALS as one of the Buddy Roosevelt series. Theater advertisements in 1927 confirm that RIDING RIVALS starred Wales and Jean Arthur - clippings:

Above - trade ad for Wales' second batch of westerns for Lester F. Scott Jr.'s Action Pictures. These 1926 - 1927 releases were distributed by Associated Exhibitors.

Above - a 1927 trade ad for silent oaters starring Buddy Roosevelt, Wally Wales, and Buffalo Bill, Jr. from Lester F. Scott Jr.'s Action Pictures ... and released through Pathe's Exchanges.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above is a still from the Wales silent WHITE PEBBLES (Lester F. Scott Jr./Action Pictures, 1927). That's Wales third from the left with his shirt unbuttoned. And on the far right with vest and no hat is old timer Harry Todd. The WHITE PEBBLES director was Richard Thorpe who helmed most of the Wales silents.

(Image courtesy of Jay Wilsey's granddaughter and
daughter, Tamera Mankini and Frances Eldene Wolski)

Above from left to right are Bill Cody, an unidentified man, Wally Wales, and Jay Wilsey (Buffalo Bill, Jr.) is kneeling. This was taken circa 1927 during a Pathé Company/Pathé Exchange exhibitor/distributor get-together. The back of this still has a notation of "Jean Brainerd Okla City" which may be the unidentified man. In addition to Wilsey, Wally Wales was also starring in a series for Scott and Action Pictures. Circa 1927, Bill Cody also did a few silents for Pathé. There's a few more photos of Wilsey, Cody and Wales from this Pathe meeting in the Old Corral section on Buffalo Bill, Jr.

Lester Fremont Scott, Jr. circa 1923
Lester F. Scott, Jr. (1892 - 1958) was involved with movie making in the early days, most often in a sales role. Around 1924, he formed the independent Approved Pictures Corporation which quickly became Action Pictures, Inc. Scott hired three real westerners as cowboy movie heroes ... and all three got name changes to improve saleability of their cinema adventures:

Kenneth Stanhope Sanderson became "Buddy Roosevelt".
Wilbert Jay Wilsey became "Buffalo Bill, Jr.".
Floyd Taliaferro Alderson became "Wally Wales".

The Buddy Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill, Jr. features began in late 1924. Wales' first for Scott was TEARIN' LOOSE and released in 1925.

In the 1930s, Scott held various jobs including production manager at Tiffany, a stint as general sales manager for Nat Levine's Mascot serial factory, more.

The American Film Institute (AFI) has a list of Scott's productions:

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