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Several folks have asked about books and print media related to cowboy films and cliffhangers.  I'm not peddling books and periodicals, but the following info and weblinks may help you locate some interesting readin' and reference material.

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Two new books by Bobby J. Copeland are now available.

Rex Allen, The Last Republic Hero and Monte Hale, Featuring Adrian Booth are extensive biographies of a couple of singin' cowboys at Republic Pictures who hit the screen at the tail end of the B western era.

These softcovers measure about 8 1/4 X 10 3/4, have 120 pages, and contain loads of photos and B&W images of posters and lobby cards. Both contain a biography, filmography with detailed plot descriptions, info on their comic book series, and comments from people with whom they worked.

A real westerner, Rex Allen was well liked by all. In addition to his Republic oaters, Rex did records, the FRONTIER DOCTOR TV series, and his rich, deep voice enhanced many TV commercials. And there was his lengthy association with Walt Disney in which he narrated various nature programs, et al. Also covered are Rex's two primary sidekicks, Buddy Ebsen and Slim Pickens.

The bio on big, tall, Oklahoma born Monte Hale has his family background (which I am still investigating) and that includes his brother Bill Hale, who did henchman and bit roles in films and TV. There's coverage on Monte's relationship with stripper Lili St. Cyr and his marriage and divorce from Cherie DeCastro, one of the singing DeCastro sisters. There's a brief bio on Monte's primary sidekick, grumpy ol' Paul Hurst, and a multi-page profile on Lorna Gray/Adrian Booth who was the heroine/leading lady in seven of Monte's films. While I enjoy Monte's Republic westerns, I think that his primary impact to western fans is his involvement (with wife Joanne) in the formation of the Gene Autry Museum (now the Autry National Center of the American West).

Overall - nice tributes to two B western heroes.

Price for either book is $23.95 postpaid in the U.S. Or order both for 42.95 (includes U.S. postage). If you'd like more info on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby J. Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7114


The Texas Rangers: Two Decades on Radio, Film, Television, and Stage by Ryan Ellett and Kevin Coffey chronicles the life of the Texas Rangers western singing group which was together from the early 1930s through the early 1950s.

Their initial home was Kansas City’s KMBC radio station. The quartet did westerns with Gene Autry and Johnny Mack Brown as well as a few other features with Judy Canova and the Hoosier Hot Shots. They were also the first group that Autry used in the initial season of his Melody Ranch radio show. Occasionally, they expanded with four additional members (on musical instruments), and you can see that eight member contingent in Autry's COLORADO SUNSET (Republic, 1939).

This book is an interesting perspective on the Rangers and the individual members - as they did westerns, radio shows, personal appearances, early television, et al. And its full of insights documenting their ups and downs, peak entertainment years during the Depression and World War II period, and their fade in the post WW2 years.

A good read, the paperback edition measures about 9 x 6 and has 345 pages. There's a filmography, recording sessions, radio program details, more. Most recall the Sons of the Pioneers as the main (or only) singing group in the old B western. We tend to forget that there were many other talented songsters in those ol' cowboy films. Glad the Texas Rangers are getting credit for their many years of work.

Published by BearManor Media and priced at about $26.00:

Paperback, hardbound and Kindle versions are available at Amazon and range in price from about $10.00-$29.00:


I Am Mister Ed ... Allan "Rocky" Lane Revealed by Linda Alexander is available from BearManor Media.

While there's a lot of info floating around on the early and later Hollywood careers of Harry Leonard Albershart (Allan Lane), there were many mysteries about semi-pro football, stage plays, New York photography business, several marriages ... and life after his film career ended. Linda Alexander has done a bang-up research job and her book has a treasure trove of new and corrected info on Lane before and after he was a cowboy and cliffhanger hero at Republic Pictures.

After the exit of her first husband, Lane's mother Anne married Will Costello. Linda connected with the Costello family who fondly recalled "Uncle Harry" and provided lots of new insight and many photos. Must reading for Lane fans, this softcover is about 6 X 9, has a tad over 300 pages, and the price is about $27.00 from BearManor Media:

Amazon has the paperback and Kindle editions priced at $10.00-$22.00:


Two new books by Bobby J. Copeland are now available.

Ray 'Crash' Corrigan Also Featuring Max Terhune is an extensive biography on 'Crash' Corrigan and Max Terhune of Republic's Three Mesquiteers and Monogram's Range Busters. The other is about the scores of heroines/leading ladies who worked with Johnny Mack Brown.

Both are 8 3/4 by 10 3/4 softcovers. Both contain loads of images (photos as well as lobby cards and posters).

The 118 page Corrigan book has a biography, filmography, and comments from people with whom he worked (and folks seemed to either like him or hate him). There's a lot of info on Ray's life including his purchase of property that became Corriganville, a turbulent marriage and divorce followed by custody of the children, more. An added attraction with the Corrigan book is secondary coverage of Ray's buddy Max Terhune (and his alter ego Elmer).

The 114 page Johnny Mack Brown's Saddle Gals has small and large biographies on about eighty actresses that did one or more films with JMB. Ladies that get the most coverage are the ones that most of us recognize - Joan Crawford (yes - that Joan Crawford), Jennifer Holt, Phyllis Coates, Beth Marion, Christine McIntyre (Three Stooges lady), Gail Davis, Evelyn Finley, Nell O'Day, Louise Stanley, Anne Gwynne, lots more.

Price for either book is $23.95 postpaid in the U.S. Or order both for 41.95 (includes U.S. postage). If you'd like more info on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby J. Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7114


If you're are a fan of the B western, you probably also listened to several - or many - of the western themed radio programs. Radio Rides the Range - A Reference Guide to Western Drama on the Air, 1929-1967 was edited by Jack French and David S. Siegel and is another great book from McFarland. About twenty Old Time Radio historians cover about a hundred programs, including some that may bring back fond memories - you'll learn about radio's Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, the Roy Rogers Show, Straight Arrow, Ken Maynard's Tales from the Diamond K, Buck Jones' Hoofbeats, Red Ryder, Sky King, All Star Western Theater, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, The Six Shooter, lots more. There's information on surviving audio copies, availability of original scripts, a year-by-year timeline of shows, and a two-page listing of obscure westerns where little if any info is available.

This 7 x 10 inch paperback has 232 pages and is about $50.00. A Kindle digital version is also available for about $16.50.

There's more on the book at McFarland (and you can order from them):

Amazon also has it:

Google has some preview pages online:


B-Western Movie Reviews - Volume 1 from Boyd Magers was published in May, 2013. It is a limited printing run and you can order for about $31.00 postpaid in the U.S. This first of three books has about 840 in-depth B-western movie reviews for over 40 stars and their films.

Volume 2 with over 700 reviews is also available. Volume 3 is scheduled for a mid January, 2015 release.

The three volume set will have over 2200 reviews.

For more on book content or to order, visit Boyd's Western Clippings website:


During the nearly 15 years that this here Old Corral website has been online, the B western heroes that have generated the most questions and the most e-mails to me are Lash LaRue, Sunset Carson ... and Allan 'Rocky' Lane. Lane fans should be happy as prolific author Bobby J. Copeland has written Allan "Rocky" Lane - The Mystery Cowboy.

Lane is also one of Bobby's favorites and his book reflects that admiration. There's much on Lane's early (mystery) life period; a complete film listing with descriptions; TV and later movie appearances including his MR. ED days; and loads of images. Lane wasn't loved by the folks he worked with - and there's pages and pages of Lane comments from many people ... and a few positive comments too.

This 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 softcover has 142 pages and several hundred images. You can order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $23.95 postpaid in the US:
Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

If you need more info or shipping costs outside of the U.S., shoot an e-mail to Bobby at:


Bobby Copeland and Bill Russell have partnered up on Bob Steele - Little Dynamite.

This 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 softcover has 139 pages and many photos, posters and lobby cards. There's details on Steele and the Bradbury family. His starring career is well documented beginning with late silent era work and continuing through his Three Mesquiteers, Trail Blazers and final starring roles at PRC in the mid 1940s. There's lots of great (and positive) comments about Steele from folks who worked with him. You'll also learn more about Steele's later film and TV work (such as his portrayal of "Trooper Duffy" on F-TROOP).

Steele is a favorite of ye Old Corral webmeister and this Steele biography is a welcome addition to my reference library.

You can order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $23.95 postpaid in the US.

For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Bobby J. Copeland and Richard B. Smith, III have authored Roy Rogers - A Different View.

Biographies are generally written on a chapter by chapter basis and some dates are highlighted or listed as to a year or time period. This book is most definitely a different view.

It is written as a timeline, starting with a summary of Roy's beginning, and then continuing on a day-month-year list with events such as marriages, births, children's passings, his "Dick Weston" days, film start and finish dates, rodeo appearances, Roy's radio program, Republic contract issues, Roy's entry into TV, more. There's also many articles on Roy's (and Gene Autry's) lawsuit and appeals trying to halt Republic's release of their westerns to early television. The timeline has many, many newspaper articles, Hollywood tradepaper blurbs, film start and end dates, more. I luv this book!

This 8 1/4 x 11 spiral bound softcover has 150 pages and tons of photos. You can order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $23.95 postpaid in the US.

For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


Bobby Copeland's latest is Charles "Durango" Starrett - The Mysterious Avenger.

His Starrett book includes a biography, filmography, many photos, comments from people who worked with Starrett, lots more. I had a few chuckles reading about Starrett's (lack of) horsemanship skills as well as his tendency to arrive late on location.

This 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 softcover has 127 pages. You can order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $23.95 postpaid in the US.

For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


John H. Conley, Jr. is a kid from Indiana who wound up in Arizona, and he loves the cowboy and the west. His The Heart of a Cowboy is a fun mix of the old and new and the real and reel west.

The book is a very pleasant read because of John's writing style ... and there are scores of chapters/sections, each with a handful of pages highlighting a particular cowboy hero, TV show, stunt person, movie horses, etc. There are also profiles on current western tunesmiths and groups, western book authors, western painters, more.

This 6 x 9 softcover is about $19.00 and you can learn more about John and his book at:

And you can order from amazon:

Amazon also has some book excerpts online for you to peruse. In the left side menu, you can also click to view the extensive table of contents:


Fall Girl: My Life as a Western Stunt Double is a great book by stunt woman Martha Crawford Cantarini and Chrystopher J. Spicer. In the book, Martha writes about horses, stuntwork, and doubling for stars including Eleanor Parker and Jean Simmons. The book also includes Martha's insights on Clark Gable, Audie Murphy, Robert Taylor, stuntman Joe Yrigoyen, others. This softcover has about 235 pages and was published in 2010 by McFarland & Company.

You'll find more about Martha and her days in Hollywoodland in the Stunt Men and Women section on the Old Corral.

You can order from Amazon for about $35.00, and the following webpage includes some very positive reviews by book buyers: had the book for about $30.00, so check websites for prices.

An Illustrated History of Trigger - The Lives and Legend of Roy Rogers' Palomino by Leo Pando - with a foreword by Corky Randall - was updated in 2011 by the author and is from McFarland & Company.

Trigger was a composite of the original horse, a number of look-alikes and one extraordinary double (rarely acknowledged by Rogers) named Little Trigger. The book covers the life story of the original horse and the look-alikes, as well as the story of Trigger the legend. Includes photographs, tables, notes, filmography, bibliography, index. Illustrations include many rare (some previously unpublished) photographs gathered from Trigger collectors nationwide. This 7 x 10 softcover is $35.00.

More info at the McFarland website:

Also available for about $35.00 from amazon and the Autry Center.


Don "Red" Barry, The Cyclone Cowboy is the newest from Bobby J. Copeland.

Small in stature, but not in ego or attitude, Donald Barry made some really good westerns for Republic Pictures ... but he never endeared himself to those around him. Bobby's book includes filmography and film details, comments from people who knew Barry, info on his sidekicks, info about his (brief) marriage to Peggy Stewart, more. There's also a section about Barry's amorous adventures in Hollywoodland, lots of newspaper articles, and coverage of his suicide. And yes - Barry's birth name was "Milton Poimbouef". This softcover is about 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches, has 129 pages, and includes lots of photos. This is another good read from Bobby.

Autographed by the author.

Order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $23.95 postpaid in the US.

For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


There's a great book on movie horses which I purchased about five years ago ... and somehow didn't include a mention in this section. The book is Hollywood Hoofbeats: Trails Blazed Across the Silver Screen by Petrine Day Mitchum with Audrey Pavia. Petrine Day Mitchum is Robert Mitchum's daughter. This is a top knotch hard cover with 216 pages, lots of B&W and color photos, and the book measures about 10 1/2 high x 11 1/2 wide. Printed on high quality stock, this book is superb ... and heavy.

Silent and B-western cowboys are covered, but not in super detail. But this is not a book about B-western heroes and their hosses - it's a history of the movie horse from the early days to today. So you have info and photos on Tom Mix, John Wayne, Hoppy and Topper, Gene and Champ, Roy and Trigger ... there's info on trainers and rental stables such as Fat Jones, Ace Hudkins, Glenn Randall ... lots of info on horses in A grade films such as NATIONAL VELVET, MY FRIEND FLICKA, BEN HUR, LORD OF THE RINGS ... there's TV western horses ... lots more. And there's also great writeups on stunts as well as the device called the "Running W" (which was used to trip the horses). Well covered is the outcry against the equine deaths in film stunts, and more on the treatment of movie horses over the years. has used and new copies of the book and you can preview some pages:


Randolph Scott - Dignity In The Saddle is another biography from Bobby Copeland. Includes a biography on Scott, his movies, newspaper articles, timeline, quotes by his peers, days with Cary Grant, many great photos, and lots more. Autographed by the author.

Order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $22.95 postpaid in the US.

For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby Copeland - OC
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


As I was doing the writeup on Handlebar Hank Bell, I was reminded of a great book that I bought over thirty years ago. It is Diana Serra Cary's The Hollywood Posse: The Story of a Gallant Band of Horsemen Who Made Movie History (Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, 1975). Diana is "Baby Peggy" Montgomery and she starred in over a hundred comedy shorts in the 1920s. Her father was Jack Montgomery, a real life cowboy who came to Hollywood and became one of the silent and sound B-western performers and stuntmen.

The book is a good read for those who want to learn more about early film making, and in particular, the story of real cowhands that exited the ranches to work in motion pictures for $5.00 a day and a box lunch ... because the work was steady and easier than punchin' cattle and repairing fences. Montgomery's friends included Hank Bell, Charles 'Slim' Whitaker, Bill Gillis, and many others. The cover on the right is from my 1975 hard cover edition.

A trade paperback was issued by the University of Oklahoma Press in 1996 and is available from Amazon for about $25.00:

Link to the book at the University of Oklahoma Press:

If you check the used book outfits above, you can find both the original hardcover and the newer softcover for $5.00 - $15.00.

Fuzzy St. John - Our Fuzzy Q. Jones is another good 'un from Bobby J. Copeland. Was happy to see this as old Fuzz is among ye Old Corral webmeister's favorite sidekicks.

This softcover is about 8 1/2 x 11 inches, has about 130 pages, and includes lots of photos, a biography, filmography, Fuzzy on tour, some newspaper headlines, more. There's individual chapters on Fuzzy with various heroes (such as Fuzzy with Houston and Livingston as the Lone Riders, Fuzzy with Buster Crabbe, Fuzzy with Lash LaRue, etc.).

I really enjoyed the lengthy chapter titled "Fuzzy in Action" - here are listed various Fuzzy antics and Fuzzy quotes/dialog from film after film after film. Had quite a few laughs and fond remembrances as I read this section.

You can order the book directly from Bobby and the cost is $24.00 postpaid in the US. Let him know if you want it autographed. For more on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby J. Copeland
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7114.

The Old Cowboy Picture Show Revised by Leo Pando and George Coan is a 232 page, 6 x 9 softcover. The book is a salute to George Coan (1942 - 2009) and the 70 or so issues of his The Old Cowboy Picture Show (TOCPS) newsletter which he published from 1998 - 2009. Leo Pando did much of the production duties on TOCPS.

Inside are dozens of great essays on well known and obscure cowboy heroes, a background history of the silver screen and TV western, info on the famous movie horses, lots more. Authors of the articles include Pando, Robert W. 'Rawhide Bob' Phillips, Buck Rainey, Bobby Copeland, Tim Lasiuta, Terry Canote, others.

Leo Pando authored a new piece which is the concluding chapter - titled "Golden Clouds and Silver Linings", this covers events from the time of Roy Rogers' death in 1998 through the opening and closing of the Roy and Dale museum in Branson, Missouri and the 2010 auction of its collection which included Trigger.

December, 2013 update: checked with George's son Jack and he has a few copies of the book - price is $12.99 plus $4.00 postage in the U.S.:

Jack Coan
12520 Briarwood Drive
Laurinburg, North Carolina 28352

The Films of Whip Wilson by David L. Godwin is a great read about a western movie hero who came along during the end of the B-western era.

This softcover is about 8 1/2 x 11 inches, has 260 pages, and includes a very detailed biography and filmography as well as personal appearance details, his comic books, Monogram contract info, tradepaper reviews, comments from people who worked with Wilson, info on trusty white hoss Bullet, and lots more. And there's many photos and movie adwork from Whip's films as well as photos and insights from the Wilson family. The book also provides a good perspective and "history lesson" on what it was like working for Monogram and being under a contract. The tidbits and nitty gritty in this well researched volume reminded me of Merrill McCord's excellent bio on the Randall Brothers.

January, 2014 update: David and I re-connected and he still has a few copies of his book available for $25.00 (that includes postage in the US). David's e-mail is: and his mail address is: David L. Godwin, 7056 NC 50 South, Benson, North Carolina 27504.

Bobby Copeland and Bill Russell have co-authored a well done and well deserved book on Colonel Tim McCoy. The 110 page, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 softcover Tim McCoy - A Real Rough Rider contains lots of images, a biography, film listing ... and details on Tim's TV show, performances with the Tommy Scott Show, more.

You can order the book directly from Bobby for $19.95 plus $4.00 postage in the US (let Bobby know if you want it autographed). If you'd like more info on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby J. Copeland
104 Claremont OC
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

William Boyd and Hopalong Cassidy fans can rejoice as there are now two new books available.

Hopalong Cassidy: On the Page, On the Screen covers each of Clarence Mulford's books and each of the Cassidy films and TV shows. A comprehensive index enables readers interested in almost anything linked to the books or films - including eventual stars like Robert Mitchum, George Reeves, Jan Clayton and Barbara Britton - to find the relevant material instantly. Authored by Francis M. Nevins, this 500+ page book is $40.00 (+$5.00 shipping) and can be ordered via the Museum of Lone Pine Film History. When you get to their website, click on "Shop" and then on "Books" and scroll for the Hoppy book:

Another good Hoppy read is Hopalong Cassidy - An American Legend by Michael Cochran and Grace Bradley Boyd. Published by Russ Cochran but when I checked in September, 2014, it looks like he is no longer is selling copies at his website:

However, Russ Cochran's book section at Amazon has the book for about $60.00:

I checked with prolific author Bobby J. Copeland in March, 2012. Several of his books are out of print and he no longer has copies for sale. These include:

Gabby Hayes - King of the Cowboy Comics

Bill Elliott, The Peaceable Man

Trail Talk

B-Western Boot Hill

The book covers are shown on the left.

Check Amazon,, eBay and various book sites (listed at top of this webpage) to see if you can locate a copy.


Two new books by Bobby J. Copeland and Richard B. Smith, III are now available.

One covers the life and career of Sunset Carson and the other is on prolific sidekick, musician and song writer Smiley Burnette. Both are 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 softcovers and contain 160 and 176 pages, respectively. Both contain loads of photos, a filmography, and comments from people with whom they worked.

Order either book directly from Bobby for $18.00 plus $3.00 shipping/handling. If you'd like more info on book content or want to order, contact Bobby at:

Bobby J. Copeland
104 Claremont
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7114


Gene Autry Westerns - America's Favorite Cowboy by Boyd Magers was published during Summer, 2007 and is a detailed look at all of the Autry films and TV shows and includes plot synopsis, negative costs, info on cast members, tunes, stunt folks, etc.

The official Gene Autry website has the book for sale at about $75.00:

Amazon has new and used copies:

Public Cowboy No. 1 - The Life and Times of Gene Autry by Holly George-Warren is the ultimate biography on Gene. The softcover version is about $18.00 and the hardcover is about $28.00 0.

The official Gene Autry website has book details:

More info is available at the Oxford University Press website:

You can also order the book from the Oxford University Press link above or through:,181.html

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