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Sam Newfield - stats, spreadsheets, tidbits and best films

Western movie heroes working with Newfield
from 1934 thru late 1946.
Starring cowboy/series Number of films together Newfield involvement
Buster Crabbe 41 directed all 36 of Crabbe's Billy the Kid/Billy Carson PRC westerns,4 Crabbe non-westerns, and some of Crabbe's SEA HOUND serial
Tim McCoy 25 directed McCoy in 8 films at Puritan, 2 for Monogram, 8 at Victory, and 7 for PDC/PRC
Bob Steele 17 helmed eleven Steeles for A. William Hackel (Supreme Pictures), as well as 6 PRC Billy the Kids
George Houston 12 directed all 11 Houston/Lone Riders at PRC as well as the earlier Wild Bill Hickok FRONTIER SCOUT for Grand National
Johnny Mack Brown 8 helmed 7 Browns for A. William Hackel (Supreme Pictures), as well as 1 non-western with Brown
Bob Livingston 7 co-directed 1 Livingston/Three Mesquiteers at Republic; helmed 5 of 6 Livingston/Lone Riders at PRC; and Livingston (billed as Robert Randall) also appeared in the THE BLACK RAVEN (1943)
Frontier Marshals trio series 6 directed all 6 of PRC's Frontier Marshals trio series which starred Bill 'Cowboy Rambler' Boyd, Art Davis and Lee Powell
Fred Scott 6 directed a half-dozen Scott singing cowboy westerns for Jed Buell/Spectrum
Kermit Maynard 4 helmed 4 of the Mountie/Northwoods adventures for Maurice Conn's Ambassador Pictures
Others/various 11 Various westerns for various production companies: 2 with Ken Maynard; 1 with Rex Bell; the one starring film for singing cowboy Tex Fletcher; the Jed Buell Midgets in THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN; 1 mountie film starring Charles Starrett; 1 oater with Herb Jeffries; 1 Monogram with Jack Randall; the Trigger Pals trio film for Grand National; 1 James Newill/Renfrew mountie adventure; the one and only entry in the Sagebrush Family series with Bobby Clark
Total 137 Add in another 125 or so silents, non-westerns, shorts, etc. and Sam Newfield's directing work totals 250+ films. His film and TV career spanned about 35 years, from the mid 1920s - 1958.

Western movie heroes working with Sam Newfield at PRC
from 1940 thru late 1946
Starring cowboy/series PRC films directed by Newfield
Buster Crabbe 40 (includes 4 non-westerns)
George Houston 11
Tim McCoy 7
Bob Steele 6
Bob Livingston 6 (includes 1 non-western)
Frontier Marshals trio series 6
Total 76

(From Old Corral image collection)
One face that turns up in about half of Sam Newfield's westerns is Al 'Fuzzy' St. John (real name: Alfred St. John) (1892 - 1963).

Fuzzy began his Newfield films circa 1937 in seven Fred Scott singing cowboy oaters for Spectrum and Newfield was the director on six. With Sam at PRC, Fuzz was the saddle pal in six Bob Steele/Billy the Kid adventures, sixteen Lone Riders with George Houston and Bob Livingston, and thirty six with Buster Crabbe.

Add appearances in the Jack Randall GUNSMOKE TRAIL (Monogram, 1938), George Houston in FRONTIER SCOUT (Grand National, 1938), TRIGGER PALS (Grand National, 1939), a few other oaters, and Fuzzy's movie work with Newfield amounts to 70+ B westerns.

After the Crabbe series ended, Fuzzy became the trail pard to Lash LaRue, but those weren't done by Sam Newfield.

(From Old Corral image collection)

Above from left to right are Hal Price, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Frank Hagney and George Houston as Tom Cameron, the 'Lone Rider', in a lobby card from THE LONE RIDER FIGHTS BACK (PRC, 1941).

What about all the films Sam made for Republic Pictures ... how come he didn't stay with them?

Sam Newfield's Republic credits amount to twenty two films during 1935 - 1938. However, those credits are misleading.

In actuality, he worked directly for Republic only one time, co-directing (with Mack V. Wright) the Three Mesquiteers' ROARIN' LEAD (Republic, 1936).

Republic Pictures was formed in 1935. During their formative years, the company contracted with outside producers for additional films to supplement their in-house production and bolster their release schedules.

A. William Hackel was the boss/owner of Supreme Pictures Corporation and had Johnny Mack Brown and Bob Steele doing westerns. Hackel signed a deal with the new Republic organization to continue both series, and eight Browns and sixteen Steeles were released by Republic during 1936 - 1938. Of those twenty four, seventeen were helmed by Sam Newfield (six Johnny Mack Browns and eleven Bob Steele entries). Newfield got his paycheck from Hackel.

Republic also distributed RACING LUCK (1935), BURNING GOLD (1936), GO-GET-'EM HAINES (1936) and FEDERAL AGENT (1936), all starring William Boyd (and these were lensed prior to Boyd becoming Hopalong Cassidy). Newfield directed these for producer George Hirliman (Winchester Pictures).

In a nutshell, Sam Newfield did one real Republic production and twenty one "acquired by Republic" films.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above is the title lobby card from the Bob Steele THE COLORADO KID (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937). This was one of the Newfield directed westerns from producer A. W. Hackel which were released by Republic. That's battlin' Bob with Marion Weldon on the left. On the right, Steele is roughin' up Karl Hackett.

Looking for Sam Newfield's best westerns. Here's two dozen good 'uns.
BRANDED A COWARD (A. W. Hackel/Supreme, 1935)Johnny Mack Brown
RIDIN' THE LONE TRAIL (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937)Bob Steele
GAMBLING TERROR (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937)Johnny Mack Brown
TRAIL OF VENGEANCE (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937)Johnny Mack Brown
COLORADO KID (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937)Bob Steele
ARIZONA GUNFIGHTER (A. W. Hackel/Republic, 1937)Bob Steele
GUNSMOKE TRAIL (Monogram, 1938)Jack Randall
CODE OF THE RANGERS (Monogram, 1938)Tim McCoy
PHANTOM RANGER (Monogram, 1938)Tim McCoy
DESERT PATROL (A. W. Hackel//Republic, 1938)Bob Steele
DURANGO VALLEY RAIDERS (A. W. Hackel//Republic, 1938)Bob Steele
GUN CODE (PRC, 1940)Tim McCoy
LAW AND ORDER (PRC, 1942)Buster Crabbe
BILLY THE KID TRAPPED (PRC, 1942)Buster Crabbe
DEVIL RIDERS (PRC, 1943)Buster Crabbe
WILD HORSE PHANTOM (PRC, 1944)Buster Crabbe
RUSTLER'S HIDEOUT (PRC, 1944)Buster Crabbe
PRAIRIE RUSTLERS (PRC, 1945)Buster Crabbe
GANGSTER'S DEN (PRC, 1945)Buster Crabbe
HIS BROTHER'S GHOST (PRC, 1945)Buster Crabbe

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