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(Courtesy of Minard Coons)

Above - publicity still of McCoy from his 1941-1942 days as a member of the Monogram Rough Riders trio western series. Tim autographed the picture for Minard.

(From Old Corral image collection)

Above - late 1960s - early 1970s photo of Tim.

(Courtesy of Minard Coons)

Above from are pretty blonde Joyce Compton and McCoy in FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE (Columbia, 1932). I always liked Joyce Compton even though in later films, she wound up being typecast as a ditzy blonde or the pal of the female lead.

(Courtesy of Minard Coons)

Above from left to right are heroine Lois January, Tim McCoy in his Mexican disguise, and baddie Ted Adams in a still from BORDER CABELLERO (Puritan, 1936).

(From Old Corral collection)

(From Old Corral collection)

FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE and TWO FISTED LAW were 1932 releases. John Wayne had an early role in TWO FISTED LAW.

On the trail of Tim McCoy

The Family Search website (free), Newspaper Archive, and tradezines / fan magazines have more on Tim McCoy and family:

Jim Tipton's Find A Grave website has a photo of the marker for Tim McCoy and wife Inga who are interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Saginaw, Michigan:


  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Tim McCoy:

The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming is the archive location for the Tim McCoy papers:

Darryl Ponicsan authored a article for the American Heritage magazine on McCoy, and it includes a 1977 interview:

The Circus Museum and Robert L. Parkinson Library and Research Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin has some Tim McCoy material:

Ivan M. Henry's Circus blog website has photos of the short-lived McCoy circus:

Time magazine archive has an April 25, 1938 Time magazine article about "Tim McCoy's Real Wild West and Rough Riders of the World" in their debut performance the previous week at the Chicago International Amphitheatre:,9171,931031,00.html

The Time magazine archive also has a May, 1938 article about the brief lifespan of the McCoy circus which opened in Chicago and closed a month later in Washington:,9171,759731,00.html

McCoy was one of many western movie heroes whose adventures were chronicled in Big Little Books. "Tim McCoy On The Tomahawk Trail" has been scanned and can be viewed and read online at the Internet Archive website:

Walt's Wyoming(Film) Web site has info on the filming of MGM's WARPAINT near Lander, Wyoming in the late 1920s.  Go to:

You may want to visit the Tommy Scott page on the Old Corral, as it contains pictures and info on Tim McCoy as well as Sunset Carson and Johnny Mack Brown. You'll find the Tommy Scott page linked off the Old Corral homepage ... or just click on: Tommy Scott Wild West Show

McCoy's second wife was Inga Arvad, and there are all kinds of rumors, book references and stories about her being friendly with Hitler, her relationship with John F. Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover had FBI agents trailing her, lots more. I haven't a clue whether these stories are true, partially true, or urban legend. You can read for yourself - click HERE to go to the Google search engine, and enter Inga Arvad in the search box. Then run the search.

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