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(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above are Lois Collier and Dennis Moore in a scene from the Three Mesquiteers' RAIDERS OF THE RANGE (Republic, 1942).
Lois Collier
Real name: Madelyn Jones
1919 or 1922 - 1999

Lois Collier did a number of 1940s B films and some early TV work - she was the girlfriend to BOSTON BLACKIE in the 1950s TV series which starred Kent Taylor.

Collier was the female lead in the serial JUNGLE QUEEN (Universal, 1945).

At Republic Pictures, she was the heroine in THE FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS (1950) cliffhanger as well as seven of the later Three Mesquiteers adventures (OUTLAWS OF THE CHEROKEE TRAIL (1941), GAUCHOS OF ELDORADO (1941), WEST OF CIMARRON (1941), RAIDERS OF THE RANGE (1942), WESTWARD HO (1942), THE PHANTOM PLAINSMEN (1942) and SANTA FE SCOUTS (1943)).

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has information on Lois Collier:

Jim Tipton's Find A Grave website has photos of the grave marker for Collier at Hollywood Forever, Hollywood, California: . Note that the marker shows her birth year as 1922.

(From Old Corral image collection)

Above from left to right are Tom Tyler, Rufe Davis, Lois Collier and Bob Steele in a lobby card from the Three Mesquiteers adventure OUTLAWS OF THE CHEROKEE TRAIL (Republic, 1941). Rufe Davis (and Smiley Burnette) wound up as the train conductors on TV's PETTICOAT JUNCTION.


Jeanne Martel
Real name:
Ethel Jeanne Pezoldt
Jeanne Ethel Pezoldt

The Hollywood career of Jeanne Martel consisted of about a half dozen mid to late 1930s films, and scant biographical info is available on her. She married Tom Tyler in September, 1937.

She worked with Tom in a trio of films - SANTA FE BOUND (Reliable, 1936), LOST RANCH (Victory, 1937) and ORPHAN OF THE PECOS (Victory, 1937). She retired from films around the time that Tyler exited Sam Katzman's Victory films (late 1930s) and went to work for the Wallace Bros. Circus. Right is a tradepaper article from November 22, 1937 about the filming of LOST RANCH noting that Tyler and Martel were married in September, 1937.

General consensus is that Jeanne and Tom's marriage was brief. Am unsure when they divorced, but they were together at the time of the 1940 census. And then she disappears.

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has information on Jeanne Martel:

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Many of Tyler's westerns are public domain and are available on YouTube and the Internet Archive (including several with wife Jeanne Martel):
   Tyler films on YouTube:
   Tyler films at the Internet Archive:

The Family Search website (free) and the Newspaper Archive have information on Tyler and wife Jeanne Martel:

Whatever Happened to Jeanne Martel? The marriage license of Tyler and Jeanne Martel-Pezoldt has her born in Pennsylvania, her father's last name was Pezoldt, her mother was May V. Wentz, and she was 21 years old when she married Tyler (which equates to a circa 1916 birth year). Family Search had the following records:

  • 1920 census: 25 year old John Pezoldt, his 24 year old wife May V. Pezoldt, and 4 year old daughter Ethel J. Pezoldt are living in Lehigh. Pennsylvania. All three were born in Pennsylvania:
  • 1930 census: living with the Clyde Smith family in Los Angeles are 35 year old sister-in-law May Wentz (divorced; born Pennsylvania) and her 15 year old daughter Ethel Pezoldt (born Pennsylvania):
  • California Death Records database has a record for: Jeanne E. Nelson, born March 1, 1915 in Pennsylvania, and passed away April 24, 1980 in the Ventura, California area. Her father's last name was Pezoldt and her mother's maiden name was Wentz:

In summary, looks like Jeanne Martel, actress and one-time wife of Tom Tyler, was really Ethel Jeanne Pezoldt or Jeanne Ethel Pezoldt.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above from left to right are Charles 'Slim' Whitaker (without his normal moustache), Tom Tyler, Jeanne Martel,, Ted Lorch, and on the ground is Forrest Taylor. Scene from Tyler's ORPHAN OF THE PECOS (Victory, 1937). In this, Taylor was the brains heavy and Lorch portrayed a "snake-oil salesman". Crop/blowup of Tyler and Martel shown below.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above is a lobby card from SANTA FE BOUND (Reliable, 1936), the last of Tom Tyler's eighteen films for B. B. Ray and Harry Webb at Reliable Pictures. From left to right are Charles 'Slim' Whitaker, Jack Hendricks, Tyler, Ed Cassidy (mustache) and Dick Cramer. Cramer was the brains heavy in this ... and he was billed third as "Richard Kramer" (with a K). In the photo inset on the right are leading lady Jeanne Martel, Tom Tyler, and Earl Dwire. See crop/blowup below.

(Courtesy of Les Adams)

Above are Jeanne Martel, Tom Tyler, and Earl Dwire in a crop from the SANTA FE BOUND lobby card.

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